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Strange Lump On Geisha's Back

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Sometime within the last two or three days, a sizeable bump on Geisha's back appeared... It's about halfway down and just to the side of her spine. It doesn't seem to cause her any pain; I don't think she even knows it's there.

Geisha isn't one to hold still for you, but from what I can tell, it feels almost loose beneath the skin, and firm but not quite hard. Geisha's behavior hasn't changed at all, nor has her appetite.

I don't have easy access to a vet, so could anyone give me an idea of what this is before I make an emergency trip?
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if it's not causing her pain, you can probably schedule a vet visit, rather than an emergency one. but it could be a number of things - sebaceous cyst, benign tumor, abcess - none of which we can determine for you, only a vet can.
i'd see about taking her in this week, tho. if it's something like an abcess, she'd need it drained & have antibiotics.
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I don't know much about any of this, so how would she have gotten any of these things?
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Originally Posted by Abstract View Post
I don't know much about any of this, so how would she have gotten any of these things?
abcesses can develop from any cut in the skin [usually a puncture] where the surface heals over but the infection is beneath.
the other 2 i mentioned sometimes just happen
could be other things, too - that's just the 1st three i thought of.
for example, my sister's cat had a lump on his face - didn't hurt him, she could move it around somewhat. vet aspirated it, said it was a sebaceous cyst.
my 1st cat, Medley, developed mammary tumors [non-cancerous]. again, they didn't seem to hurt her, i could feel around on them - like firm lumps in her mammary area.
i found some links that might help
lumps & bumps
skin growth, lump
sebaceous cyst
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Abscesses are usually caused by cat bites or scratches. They can also happen if some other type of bacteria gets under the skin and the skin heals over it. Abscesses will usually feel warm to the touch. If it's an abscess, it may keep growing and eventually burst.

Cysts are kind of like little pimples. They usually clogged oil glands. If they aren't causing an issue, they don't need any treatment. Sometimes they can become irritated and also burst.

A benign fat tumor, or lipoma, is sometimes the cause of lumps as well. The vet can take a very small sample via fine needle aspiration to ensure that it is benign.

Since it appeared suddenly, I would be concerned about the lump possibly being an abscess. Abscesses seem to heal best when the cat is given antibiotics. You will also want to put warm compresses on the area (if possible) to help draw out the infection. If the vet finds that it is an abscess, s/he will likely lance it (make it burst) and put in a drain to keep the area from healing over too quickly with bacteria still trapped inside.
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Thank you for the help, everyone. I'll see about trying to get her to the vet a.s.a.p.
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