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How can I settle the girls?

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I have left my marital home, and am staying in a holiday cottage. It has a living room/kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms, so it’s not too small for them. I left on Saturday night and took my two girls with me. I have plugged in a feliway diffuser, brought their favourite scratching matt and toys, and am trying to keep everything normal for them. They are understandably riled, and are looking unsettled, sometimes they seem ok, other times they hide away for a while. What can I do to help make them happy?
I feel so guilty for disturbing them and making them unhappy, just so that they could be with me. I could have left them at the house with my husband, but I was nervous that he wouldn’t care for them as well, and I knew that I would be even more miserable without my girls. I feel selfish.
They did used to go outside sometimes at home, and they can’t do that now, which is probably not helping. Although there are lots of fields, green space etc, as we are in the grounds of a farm, they wouldn’t know where they were so might run and hide and get lost.
I've seen on here that some people take their cats on holiday with them, how do they do this without unsettling the cats?
Any advice will be really appreciated.
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I read your other thread as well, that's how I found this one........Trust your instincts, you are being so much stronger then you actually feel right now. No one will take care of you better then yourself, if you give yourself a chance to!
As far as your girls, they need you as much as you need them right now. Find comfort in each other and don't doubt any actions or precautions you are taking to protect all of your best welfare......... Be strong for you and your girls! Change isn't always easy to except, even if it's whats best!
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Time will help to get them settled... Just give them love, and they will know you are the constant one...
About going outside, have you thought about a harness/leash?
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You've done the right thing taking them with you and they will settle down. I left my partner of 6 years who was abusive towards me about 2 years ago, I took my dog and cat with me to my mum's. There was no way I was going to leave them with him knowing that he had such a volitile personality and barely did anything for them while I was there. Fable settled in pretty much straight away although he didn't have as much space as he was used to and after 6 months of staying there we got our own place so he was moved again. It took him a few days of spending a lot of time in his cat carrier but he did come round! Little did he know he'd end up sharing the house with a bunch of other kitties! Try and put familiar smelling things around for them, our kitties love to sleep on our clothes.
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I agree. Give them time to settle down. They have each other and they have you.
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Thank you, Villy finally ate her breakfast this morning :-) I'm worried she may have cystitis though, as she has been squatting and not peeing, or she may be constipated through not eating. As there's two of them, and I'm at work all day, I can't tell which one has used the litter tray. Thanks for all the support, it really helps. x
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