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Originally Posted by Sakura View Post
There is a radio show that I listen to on SIRIUS (Cat Chat with Tracie Hotchner). I remember her saying that 4 is really the most you can have without it being too much of an emotional issue for the cats.
I have to disagree with this also. I work full time, also work a part time job and go to school and I have 15 cats right now, which, I will admit is a lot...ok, it's an obnoxious number but I love all my cats and all my cats love me, they have no emotional issues. They all have different times and places with me, we have a fairly nice routine, which means I sit on the couch and at least 5 pile on I'm lucky in that they all get along too.
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I think however many cats you want is how many is "enough" for you!

For me personally, 4 cats was too much. Thankfully my Mom was in love with the 4th stray we found so she has a fabulous home and gets way more attention than she would have in our house. I just couldn't handle the litter situation or the cat fights. She was a little terror with some serious street cred. She's being bossy at my mom's house now!

But honestly, I've never thought anything about someone having 5 or even more cats. I had a co-worker who had 5 cats and he loved it.

So if you've got the room in your house and in your heart, go for it!
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I think it's a VERY personal decision which will rely heavily on your lifestyle & your cat brood. I thought 3 was perfect, 4 was still tolerable & now I have 5. Not that I don't LOVE them ALL to bits, but 5 is a lot of work for me! The fifth found me & I'm in Ireland, which isn't cat friendly & not easy to re-home, so I kept him. I know I couldn't add another cat into my brood. The fifth wasn't welcome, but we're adjusting!
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Originally Posted by Punkygirl0101 View Post
That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. My cats are very emotionally stable. That is a load of bs. There is NO set number for cats.
Out of my 15 cats only one has issues
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another point to consider would be with what will happen to your cats if something happens to you.

My mums 62, and she's said that she'll only get more cats (after her present moggies have gone over the rainbow bridge, presently they are 15) if I'll promis her to adopt them if she can`t take care of them anymore. She wouldn't want more than two cats, also for this reason. She wouldn't want an older cat of hers go to strangers or to a shelter, which I can understand.

So I'm be prepared to adoped her cats to save them from the shelter and give her a rest of mind on this issue.

If she would have more than two cats I probably couldn't keep this promise.

Of course there's always the off chance that a stray somehow ends up permanently with her .. which would also be OK. But the limit of planned cats is set.


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