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Cat Acne

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Berkley has cat acne on her chin. It looks like black scabby dust. The vet said that it comes from oil build-up on plastic feeding bowls. He suggested I get rid of the plastic and get ceramic or glass bowls instead. Has anyone ever heard of this problem before?

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I have heard that it is bad to use plastic for the cats food or water. I just didn't know why. I know you can get some cute dishes at the dollar stores! Low cost and cute to boot!
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Yep- I have, the problem is after awhile, the plastic starts to have small fine cracks in it, and bacteria gets in and festers, infecting the kitties when they go to eat. I use cookie sheets to feed my crew. And I wash them out after every feeding. I had one feral that had acne so bad it took forever to get rid of it. Turns out, he was eating over at a neighbor's place who was using plastic bowls. She now uses ceramic.
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i use plastic for the water and the dry cat food. I will switch them out asap.
For the wet food, I use little saucers that I bought at the thrift store.
They only cost $.10 each!!! I bought 30 of the for $3.00 and they are the perfect size for a single serving can food!!!

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I use plastic bowls as well that I bought a few months ago, but now knowing this yuck, those bowls are going to be changed out quick. The kitten has little metal bowls that have little paw prints all over them.

$.10 you say? Wow, that's nice!
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Hoots used to get bad acne but hasnt had it since i started giving her a clean dish twice a day. Thrift stores are great for cat food dishs! I must have 20-25 of them and never paid more than a quarter for one.
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Hi Ginger!

When i first adopted Daisy, she had cat acne under her chin as well. There were tiny black specks under her chin.

She used to be fed with food in plastic bowls. Also, she was never cleaned around her mouth area.

Her daily regiment includes grooming. Also, i clean her face and underchin area with a soft, tiny and gentle washcloth, dampened in warm water each day. When she had acne, i paid extra attention to that area, and gently scrape off a little acne at a time every now and then. Also, i let her use ceramic bowls instead of plastic ones.

Her acne went away after several weeks. So, hopefully this sharing helps a little.

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Thanks Shirley, I will try some of your recommendations once Berkley feels better. She has an upper respitory infection right now, so acne is being put on the back burner.
Thanks again,
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Echo and Bud tend to get this once in a while. I try to wash it down once every 2 days or so. Sometimes when the acne is bad and I wash it with a washcloth, it will bleed a little bit. Is there anything I could put on it so it wouldn't be so harsh on their chin? It seems like that black dirt like gunk won't come off until I scrub a bit...then it bleeds a little. Just curious...
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Hi Ginger: you are most welcomed! i hope for speedy recovery for your sweet Berkley!

Hi Shell

With Daisy's case, it took me weeks to finally get the acne out.

i cleaned the infected areas with a gentle, tiny washcloth, dampened in warm water. (It is actually her personal wash cloth - got it from Hello Kitty store.)

i am still cleaning Daisy's face on a daily basis. You see, i see Daisy and Venus a lot on the face areas, so i have to clean their face areas everyday... teehee!!

i did not scrap off the acne till after a while. Daisy did not bleed at that area at all. i was wondering if you could try cleaning the area for a while before scraping the acne off very gently?

Don't know how much it helps, just sharing personally.

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My 20yr old had cat acne on her chin last month, and the vet said to dab the area with hydrogen peroxide on a warm cloth, and to change from plastic bowls. It was gone in a week. Here she is all pretty again!
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Thanks Michael. I will be sure to try the hydrogen peroxide method.

Your 20 year old kitty sure is cute. She looks healthy and happy

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