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recent hissing/swatting!!??

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MR snuggles has recently gotten what I feel is jealous and bossy. While eating he has recently started hissing when my female tanabe is also eating. she doesnt get scared but it bothers us. if he hisses more then 2-3 times he swats at her.

additionally today they both were playing with there faviorate toy, a stick with streamers on the end. they will normally take turns attacking and backflipping while playing with this toy buy today if she grabbed it he would hiss at her.... and if HE grabbed it and she was near him he would hiss at her! dont understand the cat psyche behind this sudden behavior.

theyve lived together hiss free for a year this may. shes has only hissed once ever and that was at a cat that attacked her at my gfs moms house... and he just started this hiss fest 2009... any ideas!?
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If it was your female cat hissing at your male cat, I'd say it were because she wants to ensure he doesnt get too close and start any sexual behaivour (which can happen even between related cats).

As its your male cat hissing at your female cat, it could be he is jealous of her? Does she get anything that Mr Snuggles doesnt get? Is she petted more often then he is? Does she eat more food then he does leaving him with not much?

If it continues I would ask your vet for ideas, they may be able to give you a cat calming scent plug-in (which did naff all for my cat behaivour problems) but who knows, could work for you.
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she used to get more attention as he wasnt my cat in the past... Ive recently ben showing him a bit more as shes been staying distant... but steph as always shown him more attention then her! so in the old house he had wayyyy more then her... now its just about even!

so its hard to say..he normally eats more then her! and always eats first she normally gets the leftovers.

so its hard to say... tough one I guess.
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