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Baby teeth not falling out...

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Spencer's adult fangs have come in, but his baby teeth haven't fallen out, so he's got a double pair, the new set right on top of the old. You can see them clearly in this pic.

Normally, I wouldn't worry too much about teething issues, but it looks like his gums are a bit inflamed. How long would you wait before you did something to address this kind of issue? I've given him a catnip filled stuffed animal to go nuts on, which he did, but the teeth didn't budge. I've also had several DaBird play sessions where I tugged a bit harder than I usually do while he was mouthing the feathers, this hasn't worked either.

At what point should I take action?

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I would not worry.
Cleo did the same thing and so did my other cats.
She lost her fangs a few weeks ago.
How old is your cat?
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Cats teeth fall out???? I didn't know that! At what age do they come out??
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It would be an easy thing to just call and ask your vet. They would know if its okay to leave them
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Mews2much - Thanks, it's good to know it's not such an unusual occurrence. Spencer and Heather are part of my last feral catch, so I don't know how old they are exactly, but somewhere in the neighborhood of four months.

AndrewFeline - Oh, yes. Just like a baby's teeth.

Trouts Mom - It's funny, but I just realized that when I have a cat question, my first thought is to come to the forums. Vets have their place and they are definitely a valuable resource but I guess I lost the hero worship after the pet food poisoning of 2007. And with so many vets still sticking to the worn out "dry food is best" mantra and pushing crap like Science Diet, well, I guess I trust you guys more!!

I have a wonderful cat hospital two towns over that I use when I need to (which I did during the poisoning, unfortunately), but I tend to think of it as a specialist kind of place and don't bother them with mundane stuff.

Whew, I think I digressed a bit! And, would you know it, while I'm on here worrying over him, I notice one of Spencer's teeth fell out last night.
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If the other one doesn't come out I would call the vet. I had a foster who had to have the baby teeth extracted because they weren't coming out and started getting infected. He ended up getting very sick from the whole situation.
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They should be out soon.
Cleos fell out around 5 months.
She sure had bad breathe then.
She is almsot 6 months now.
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And, ta-da, the second baby tooth is gone! *whew*

Guess I got worried a bit too soon.

Thanks for your suggestions, all!
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Did you find teeth anywhere?
I never find them.
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Not yet, and I looked for half an hour. If he swallowed it, that couldn't have been comfortable going down.
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