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Jack may be injured

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Now, I'm starting to wig out here... Last night, around 5 am, I heard Jack fall off the bed with a crash. He hit an empty shoe box nearby and scrambled. He's been hiding all day (that i know of... I was at work). Now that I'm home, I noticed his tail is 'dead' ... his normally VERY expressive, wild tail just hangs there. I wasn't sure if he'd been injured until now.

So, I picked him up, carried him into the bathroom and put him in his carrier. We're on our way to Dove Lewis Emergency Hospital right now. I hate to think that I may have kicked him (he sleeps at the foot, and I was having bizarre dreams last night). I hope he's okay... the dangling tail freaked me out when i realized this... so we're going now. No more waiting. I would've taken him sooner, but he was hiding and I couldn't tell if anything was wrong.

Pray for my beloved boy that things will be okay.

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Just remember that whatever happened and however it happened - it was an accident!

for Jack.
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I hope he will be ok.
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Oh No, sending so many vibes his way
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Back from Dove Lewis.

The doc couldn't find anything broken during a physical exam, so opted not to do xrays. He's walking, but not completely normal. They gave him an antobiotic shot that'll last two weeks, just in case they fought and an abcess forms... JoJo and Jack have never really loved each other... and sometimes fights ensue. I'll never fully know what happened last night. They gave me liquid painkillers to give him 2-3x a day... I have gotten to where pilling him is easy... they're called Pill Pockets. but the liquids are difficult. supposed to be under the tongue... i'm lucky to get them IN his mouth.

He's in the main (read: only full) bathroom for a while... I have to find barricade materials for when I open the door... At least for a few days while he begins to heal.

While most would think 'oh it's only his tail' for Jack, his tail is his way to truly express himself. He doesn't vocalize at all, unless he's in ramped up psycho mode and then he chirps. His tail is always very wild and active... so when I saw it hanging limp, I freaked out. that's his personality... all packed into his tail. My heart just shattered, seeing it that way.

So, for now it's 'wait and see' ... she thinks he may have strained something... i'm thinking bruised a bone or nerve... I don't know honestly. On Wednesday, I'll be dismantling the Kitty City under the bed and removing the bed lifts, so my bed is lower.

He's so much like a son would be... trouble with a capital T. But I love him regardless. He's my baby boy and I wouldn't have him any other way.

Thanks everyone... kep prayers and such coming... I want to see that tail return to its former glory... whacking my face at night or from the back of the couch.

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I hope the meds help him and he feels better.
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Originally Posted by KittiesHasMe View Post
Just remember that whatever happened and however it happened - it was an accident!

for Jack.
sending 'wild & active tail recovery' & for Jack!
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I still hope its nothing serious and that he has a very quick recovery
for you.
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for Jack, hope he feels better soon!
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Well, the receptionist at my regular vet was kinda surprised that Dove Lewis didn't do xrays... so we're heading over there now. The appointment is at 11:40... we have snow and stupid people on the road... so it'll take a while to get there... I'll report when we return.

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Poor guy. I hope he`s going to be ok

Lots of vibes coming his way
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lots of that he is ok
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well, the wonderful Dr Chris looked him over, gave him chin scritches, which Jack accepted all too willingly. He did a full joint by joint check of the tail and all nearby joints. there wasn't any one spot where Jack reacted, so he said it's most likely one of two things: a tail pull, or a dislocation a few vertabra down from the actual base. He made note that Jack could use the first bit at the base, but the rest is 'dead weight' right now. He gave Jack a painkiller injection, which will last a few days, as opposed to the syringes I was trying to give him myself (getting half on the surrounding counter).

He said to check back with him in a couple weeks... he siad the blood flow seemed okay right now... so it's just a matter of the nerves, etc healing... hopefully my boy will be back to normal in no time... but Dr Chris said that if the space the nerves have to regrow is very long, it can take time. I'll give him another day or so locked up... and then back out of Isolation Bathroom.

Thanks everyone.

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