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Hey I bring my lunch from home.

I usually pack up whatever I had for dinner the night before. Acutally what I do is pack my LUNCH BEFORE I dish out dinner that way my fiance and I have lunch taken care of and then we don't over eat at dinner time! (instant portion control)

as for drinks....and snack....i usually bring a piece of fruit and some snacks again I buy a big box then dish it out into smaller sized bags. And I always have a giant Sigg bottle full of water.

My weakness is coffee...I just don't like drinking it out of a travel mug prefer freshly poured coffee but I'm lucky there is a store nearby that sells a great cup of coffee for $1.25.
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I used to always buy my lunch at work, now I pack one since I started a new diet.

I usually do leftovers from the night before, because I'm usually just cooking for one, I'll do a double portion (aka cook two chicken breasts or two hamburgers). Then I just put them in a container add veggies and there we go.
For example, today I brought
Snack: single serving yogurt
Lunch: frozen veggies, piece of beef
Snack: cottage cheese
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