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I'd probably think wow - $100,000 - my life could change so much from that! I have a student loan debt that I'd be able to pay off, as well as buy the car and house I've been saving for. But honestly, I don't think there is anyway I'd be able to keep it. Geeze, a few months ago I found $20 in the parking lot outside of the local grocery store. The BF was with me and he was telling me to keep it, but I just couldn't. I brought it into the customer service booth to hand it in, and asked how long they kept it for until it is deemed "not claimed." I was advised a few days. So ok, fine. I said I would come back in a few days and if nothing was claimed I wanted to ensure it was put into the food bank donation box. When I went back in a few days it wasn't claimed, so they gave it to me to put into the collection box. 

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Darn I thought strange_wings was back then I saw it's an old thread. sniffle.gif

I miss Strangewings too. These old threads keep popping up by newbies, but this one was worth revieving clap.gifclap.gif. I figure if someone had that much cash and lost it, then It really didn't mean that much to them in the first place laughing02.gif. I would do some good with that money in the name of cat rescue and feral organizations. And a nice vacation would be nice. Dream on cloud9.giflaughing02.gif
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Without a doubt, I'd turn the money in. No if's, and's, or but's about it.


If I found that kind of money (or, for that fact, any money), I would absolutely turn it in. For one, it is not mine. I did not earn it and it was not given to me. Therefore, I lay no stake of claim in it. Secondly, if I were to keep it, I would not be able to live with myself. I think I was born with a guilty conscience. I don't know why, but, even when something is not my fault, I feel guilty and take on that shame. So, to actually do something...well, I don't think I'd be able to last more than 24 hours -- the guilt would eat me up.


Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not perfect. The thought would enter my mind about all that I'd be able to accomplish with that kind of money. And, it would take a lot of stress off of a lot of people I love and care about. I'd have a moment's thought about paying off my bills, fixing up my house, and having money to spend without consequence. But, those thoughts would be short lived and easily replaced with the wonder and curiosity of whose money I had just found. And, I'd worry about what the consequence for them would be if I were to keep it.


It's easy to think about free money. But, the fact is, nothing in life is free. If I were to lose that kind of money, how would I feel about losing it? What would it be like for me if someone came across my money and kept it instead of returning it?


I recently found $57.00 lying on the floor at work. I was off of my shift and the money was actually sitting right outside of our door. It was off premises and I couldn't figure whose it could be. I was amazed no one had walked by (it was outside on the sidewalk) and picked it up. It could have been anyone's. The thought came into my mind that I could really use the money -- after all, I had missed work due to illness and had an exorbitant bill at the pharmacy. Money was tight. But, I knew it was not mine. And, maybe that was the last few bucks left to the person who lost it. Who knows if they were sick, on disability, or had a large bill at the pharmacy as well. So, I put it in an envelope, brought it inside, and kept it for 24 hours to see if the owner came in to claim it. Lo and behold, we got a call the next day from someone asking if money had been found. They were able to correctly identify the bills and I had them come right in to pick it up. It turned out to be an older woman's grocery money. And, for being kind enough to hold on to it and not run with it, she bought me coffee. To me, that sweet gesture and her gratitude was worth more to me than 10x that amount of money.


I'm no saint. And, I'm not perfect. But, I'm too honest to ever keep something that isn't mine. So, that money would be turned in. Even if I was on my last cent, I'd turn it in. Why? Because, in my opinion, it's the right thing to do.

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I think the only reason I can say without a doubt I would keep it is because there is no way on this earth I would find that kind of money laying around. So hypothetically yes I would keep it. The only time I find money is if I hoard money in my winter coats or doing dfs laundry lol.
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There was a movie and book about this. I think it was "A Simple Plan".


I don't think I could keep it.  I would be to worried I would be caught.

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