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She is very very good, she sleeps in the crook of my kneecaps. She absolutely loves to snuggle, but if I rub or pet her, it as if she is having a flashback to something and she'll jump up and scoot away. But then come back and look at me, as if, "Gee, I really love all you have done for you and I appreciate your love, but please don't touch me." Dorabella is not one for pickups either, but she loves to headbutt and lick you to death and lay ON you.

Maybe, I am too spoiled by Calvin. How much is Snoball's character due to being a stray/semi-feral and how much is just her character? It has only been 6 weeks, 'will be 7 this Thursday... I am not pushing, and since having her, have really began to think lap cat loving and canoodling are a bit overrated.

BTW: come to find out she isn't deaf, just shy. Yesterday, she actually let a little 'mew' escape her voice and when she's happy and no one is watching she makes pigeon sounds. Purring is not happening right now, though.