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Originally Posted by cats4sky View Post
i think its a bunch of BS that health insurance doesnt cover BC pills, ive always been responsible about my sex life and have been on BC for many years, but lately theres been times i really didnt have the money for my new pack of pills and its exactly what i say....if i get pregnant...owell...they didnt want to pay for my BC so let the govt pay for my kid now!
As much as I would like to see you get help with birth control, I have to say that your attitude is counterproductive to your family and to your country.
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IMO, there are plenty of places giving low cost or no cost birth control right now. I used to go to the health dept for mine after I graduated from college until my income got to high and I decided to go off of it because of health issues. So, it IS already available, it's just that some people don't want to take advantage of it. Go to any health dept and say you want condoms and you WILL most likely get them for free.

I do think most insurance companies should cover birth control...I think it's terrible that they don't. BUT, having sex is still the person's personal decision, and if they decide to have unprotected sex, it should be their responsiblity to deal with the consequences, and NOT the governments. I can see where this would cut down on unwanted pregnancies, but these days, I'm not sure a lot ARE unwanted, especially when it comes to people that figure another child is another one they can claim on welfare and food stamps.

The help is already out there and they aren't taking it. So, why would offerering the pill for free be any different? It's ALREADY offered for minimum cost and apparently they aren't taking it. Why include this in a Stimulus package?

We won't see any difference (except for our tax dollars going out the window) for 18 years anyway. If they include birth control in there, it MAY stop more kids being born now (highly doubt it) but the kids that have already been born have to grow up and stop being claimed. So, it's going to be a long 18 years if this is included.
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
I realize many of you don't understand why I was upset when I read this headline. I really couldn't explain it either, except that I was shocked that she would use such a thing as a political tool and as a financial football. This commentary, yes, a conservative commentary, says it much better than I could put it:

Contraceptive as Stimulus? Nancy Pelosi should know better
I feel like it's exactly the opposite- I am happy that our country has come a long way from seeing birth control as a taboo topic, and that we can discuss it so freely, and I am completely comfortable with the way Pelosi treats it. I don't understand why it should be approached sensitively, no one is telling women to use birth control- if they prefer to use abstinence as a means of having less children they are absolutely free to do so!! The reality is, it's in our nature to prefer birth control rather than abstinence, so it's best to approach the matter practically, and talking about it without any constraints means being practical to me.
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