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outside kittys

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For those of you who let your cats outside, do you let them run free when you are out with them? I have let marley out on the front porch when Im out with him and he does pretty good. He stays fairly close. This weekend I took him out back with a harness and leash and I think he hated it. He was shaking and wouldn't really walk...he crouched the whole time. I took the harness off, took him out front and he was playing just fine. Im worried I'd lose him out back. We have a big yard with a HUGE field behind us...it's usually plowed. Im just afraid something will spook him and he will run off somewhere.

So if you let your cat out with supervision, what has been your experience? Do they stay close or run??
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You should work more with him with the harness/leash (let him wear the harness inside under supervision to get used to it. I don't let mine outside, but do not recommend you let them out unless supervised.

You could build or buy a cat enclosure where he could sit outside in the backyard.
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If he goes outside freely - something might spook him & he'll be gone. And if he's not fully outdoor savvy - who knows what could happen.

My outside cats roam free, but I live in the country, a fair ways from the road, and they are too lazy to go that far. All of them have lived outdoors their entire lives, too.....so can survive easily.
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