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is dull fur a sign of illness?

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I have noticed that moo's fur (he's the black one) is looking dull flakey and this morning his tail looked greasey (sorta like when you don't wash your hair for a few days) does this mean he isn't feeling well?

He is still eating and running around chasing tilly.

Any advice?
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It could mean he has a problem if he's not grooming himself well. It can also be related to diet. Have you changed food recently?
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If it's a change from usual, it could be a sign of illness. It could also mean that the foods he's on isn't the best for him. Or maybe he got into something he shouldn't and just needs a bath.

If it's a really big change I would take him to the vet to be checked out. Cats can hide illness very well, so his behavior isn't the best indicator.
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a few months ago I changed him to a Urinary tract formula for his food at the vets suggestion...and i also changed his litter...

The vet suggested putting this oil in his food to help his coat but then I find he won't eat the food so I have stopped putting it in.

He also peed on a pillow.

I usually bring him into the vet around this time of the year for his asthma but he hasn't been coughing lately. Sneezing yes but not coughing. I have been having trouble with him peeing outside his box. He was on medication for a UTI and I switched litters and that has helped but now I see he peed on another pillow....

hmm I was wondering when he was a kitten and we were living in my parent's house he used to have his litter box in my room since my mom had both another cat and a dog so he REFUSED to use the other box (my mom's cat had kidney failure) and moms dog wasn't allowed into my room so my room was basically moo's domain and i noticed he only pees if a pillow is left on the floor in my bedroom under the window and next to my dresser (like where his litter box was in my parents house) Do you think he is peeing on the pillow because that is where he remebers his box being? (I have been living in this apartment for 2 years now and he knows there is a box in the bathroom and the corner of the dining room)

What do you think?

(I have no trouble with Tilly)
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Get a second litter box and put it under the window and see what happens. Cats with a history of UTI can become unreliable about using the cat box and if they become MORE unreliable it can mean they are having UTI issues (again). I would have him checked or have a conversation with my vet if my cat was pillow peeing when he had not been doing so previously.

I had a show cat years ago who developed crhonic UTI's after his show career and he was neutered. I would watch him pee and tell him to "hurry up" when he did this. He got so he would pee in a litter box anytime I told him to "go hurry up." By being around and telling him to pee he got so he was very litter box reliable. He would even come and GET ME to watch him pee (well, he was a little strange... LOL).

He also developed a whopping case of "stud tail" after he was neutered. The tail was greasy and nasty and I had to wash it regularly to keep it nice. His coat was fine but I brushed him daily and he was a Shaded Silver American Shorthair cat so keeping his coat pretty was very satisfying.

You might ask your vet about adding Cod Liver oil to his food. Most cats find this nasty stuff really palatable.
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I would be concerned that the UTI didn't clear up. It would be worth a call to the vet.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
I would be concerned that the UTI didn't clear up. It would be worth a call to the vet.
I'm in agreement with Karen. I'd be concerned he still has or has another UTI - which the longer it goes the worse it gets (and the more painful it will be for him).
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I bet its another uti.
Cocos fur gets that way when hers comes back.
In fact she has to get a urine test this week.
What antibiotic was he on how long was he on it?
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well I called my vet and he wants me to try a new food for a week and if that doesn't help then he wants me to bring moo in to see if he needs another round of antibiotics or if he should run some tests to see if he has crystals.

If he does have crystals what does that mean? and will my cat be ok?
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Originally Posted by vampcow View Post

He also peed on a pillow.
Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
I would be concerned that the UTI didn't clear up. It would be worth a call to the vet.
Put the fact that his coat is dull and greasy with the fact that he peed on a pillow would make me very concerned that he has another UTI. My Muddy has chronic bladder issues and his dull coat is the first sign that he's having a reoccurance.
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