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Cat anxiety after moving

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Can someone help me help my cat?

Angel is a wonderful cat and a beloved part of our family. He's two years old and we've had him from a kitten. He's always been good natured, affectionate and easy going. He's has always been an inside and outside cat.

We moved about six weeks ago, and since that time he's developed some behavior problems. He started with hiding under our bed for hours at a time. Then he started urinating around the house. He's not spraying. He finds box-like things like open drawers and such to use. Of course, this is a problem. He has a litter box and knows how to use it, but doesn't do so consistently.

After a couple weeks we wanted to let him go outside, but he wants nothing to do with it. He's obviously terrified of going outside. If we do put him out he sits at the door meowing loudly or climbs the screens trying to get in. He used to love to play in the garden, chase bugs and stalk the birds.

He has a couple safe places that he likes in the house, but if he ventures out from there and something startles him, (like the doorbell) he runs back to hide. He's visibly very nervous and agitated.

Other than that, he's still lovable and affectionate. What can we do to help him settle in?

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Some cats take moves harder than others. Mine took about 6 months to calm down. It is normal for them to get upset like this. Time is going to be the best thing along with re assurance. For the peeing outside of the box, I would check with a vet to make sure it's not medical. Stress can bring on bladder infections. Especially in neutered males. If all is fine there, you may want to consider confining him to a somewhat quiet room and then gradully bring him out more and more to venture his new surroundings. This is what I had to do and it worked very well. Good luck!!
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Thanks, Sandie,

Right now the litter box is in the garage, about as far away from Angel's "safe places" as can be. It sounds like it would help to put it in the bathroom next to his favorite bedroom, and just keep him in those two rooms for awhile.

What do you consider gradually introducing him to other rooms? A few days, a week or two?

I have noticed that the commotion of kids in our house really freaks him out. I'm trying to teach them to be calm around him, too.

It's true that different cats adjust differently, because Angel's "brother" cat is just fine.
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Hi Carolyn and welcome!

That's very interesting. I'm moving in less than a month and I think my Gezer is going to react like Angel. He's very timid and scared as it is.

Do check his medical condition too. As Sandie said, peeing around the house can definitely be the first sign of a urinary tract infection. This condition can be fatal if left untreated.
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It can take a few weeks to months. It all depends on the cat. I would maybe take him in a seperate room from time to time and close the door, spend some time together and put him back where he is safe. Yes, putting the box closer will be great. He is just in shock and worried about where his familiar stuff is. Just keep giving him love and attention and showing him slowly that all of his stuff is still there, its just not in the same place. I wish all of you movers good luck. A year and a half now, my black girl finally comes back on my lap in bed after the move. Just be patient with them.
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