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Transfer Factor against FIP

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I am very worried about the two 8 month old kittens that I am keeping till Easter, when they can go to their new home in England. They have been exposed twice to FIP, from Nutkin and now from Harry, and have tested positive for the coronavirus. After Nutkin's death the vet gave them interferon for three days, but it is so expensive that I am investigating other options. I have got a bottle of Transfer Factor Plus, that I understand can be used for animals at the dosage of one capsule per day. My vet has never used it but sees no reason not to. What no one seems to know is how long I should keep up the treatment. I have 45 days' supply for both of them right now.

Can anyone help with this, or with other thoughts on how effective it might be in helping their immunity?
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Jenny I am pretty sure you can give more than one a day.

Heres some info on it from a veterinarian standpoint.It has excellent info!

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A local vet at a cat only clinic here uses Transfer Factor with reportedly good results. The site Pami listed is very helpful.

Wishing you the best!
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Heres dosage info:


for the TF Plus you can give 2 a day.

You can mix it with some wet food with a little water. You can syringe (without needle) mixed with water into mouth, you can also open the capsule and put the powder in a pill pocket (although the whole capsule will not fit into 1 feline pill pocket).
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Thank you. I have had no trouble giving it to them - I just mixed it into a little food, but it was primarily the length of time I was concerned about.

I have already read those very good articles. On the dosage, on those and other sites they said that although it is not possible to OD on Transfer Factor, that one - two capsules a day of TF+ is sufficient for good results for an animal up to 25 pounds. Since I am talking about two kittens of under 4 pounds, one should probably be enough, though I might start them off on two to give their systems a kick start. There are a lot of opinions floating about, and it is hard to get at real casework.
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