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After surgery

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what kind of litter box should I use? Should I just use dirt or kitty litter?? I will be bringing my Moley home this afternoon and need to get a litter box.....suggestions? Thanks, KathyM
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As I know, people usually dont change the litter to an especially litter when the cat returns home after spaying. They perhaps change the old semi-used litter into a completely fresh one.

Cats arent so sensitive to bacteria as we humans are...

Thus. Use the litter shehe is used to.

If shehe dont know usage of kitty litter, use dirt. Or if you can, use both...Ie two different litters, one with dirt, one with cat litter. So shehe can choose.
If you have a big litter-box, you can perhaps have half of each? Two halves.

The main point here is not the clinical cleaniness, but so he do dare to make his needs at all... Unnecessary shehe holds on only because of uncertainity.

Good luck!

ps. If hygiene of the dirt bothers you (after all, it DOES contain myriads of microorganisms!), you can always heat the dirt batch in the oven... That should kill them enough for everyday needs.
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During surgery or post-surgical recovery your cat will probably receive a prophylactic antibiotic injection--this is standard with us. Still, if you're concerned you may want to wash out the litter box with hot water and bleach and then put in fresh litter. It should be the litter the cat is used to. Everyone likes a nice, clean toilet, including cats....
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What a morning this has been!! As in my previous post I had trapped Moley last night. This morning when I got up my other kitty "Scarey" came to the window and was very very loving.....I was able to back her into the kennel and trap her as well this morning!! Needless to say, they are both at the clinic getting spayed/neutered and my husband and I have to pick them up this afternoon. All went well so far with the babies.....I am currently kiity proofing my laundry room (it is big) to make them safe and comfy when we bring them home.

That is not the whole story though When we were at the clinic we told them that the Momma Kitty has been gone for 10 days....they told us that the shelter only keeps cats for 7 days then they are destroyed.....well, I got the number and address and took a ride over there to see if she was there......
SHE WAS!!!!! But the caveat to this is today was the day she was to be killed....I got there just in time....they have had her for 7 days and she was the first on the list to be euthanized.....the happy ending to this story is she is getting spayed and we will be able to pick her up tomorrow afternoon!!! I have been an emotional wreck after knowing that I came so close to losing her.......she is a true feral so it will be interesting to see how she reacts when she is brought home and reintroduced to her babies.....

I have been instructed by the clinic to use kitty litter and shredded newspaper versus dirt - although they have been going potty outside they do not want them to get any infections.....

I want to thank everyone for all the help and suggestions - I will certainly keep everyone posted about their progress...... Kathy
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