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"I don't like cats"

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"I don't like cats" - that's what I would have said had you asked me prior to Dec 31, 2008 what I thought about cats.

I always had myself pegged as a dog person. The cats I had met at the residences of friends and family weren't friendly... they weren't even nice. They'd hiss, they'd scream, etc. I always asked myself, "Why would somebody want a pet that just seems to be so angry around people?"

I've had my dog since I was 9 years old. I turn 26 in 3 weeks and he's still my sweet loveable fluffy friend who has never growled at anybody, never bitten anybody, or anything like that. I think the only damage he could possibly do is lick somebody to death (it would be a slow and ticklish death).

Well, as you know on New Years eve, a kitten was kind of just plopped into my life. I didn't like cats, but I couldn't let a kitten die. I had preferences for pets, but I'm not a callous jerk who has no respect for the value of a life.

It's been only a few weeks since then, and Ally, who I first met almost dead, is now as healthy and happy as can be. Not only that, but she is as sweet as could be. She is amazingly intelligent (she has figured out how to untie my double tied shoelaces in a matter of seconds), and is just an all around joy to have as a furry friend. She cuddles up with me at night, keeping me company which helps relax me since I have insomnia problems and she just constantly shows me love and affection.

I no longer dislike cats. I don't know if Ally will eventually become like the cats I saw at friends' houses. I hope not. To date, she loves people (and especially their shoelaces). So, I can now say that I like both dogs and cats. My dog is my favorite dog in the world, and Ally is now my favorite cat in the world.

It's amazing how life sometimes throws curveballs at you that changes things quickly. Now all I need to figure out is how to manage having a cat while being allergic to them. So far, no problems - fingers crossed that it stays that way. Worst case, there's always Claritin.
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It is amazing how they wrap people around their little paw. I too had always considered myself a dog person. I grew up on a farm and always had a dog. Then I lived in houses with a fenced in yard and had a dog. Then I moved into an apartment and worked extended hours. I missed having a pet but didn't want to get a dog with those circumstances. I never hated cats I just felt neutral about them. I got a kitten and a few months later a second kitten to keep the first one company when I wasn't home. I now also consider myself both a dog and a cat person.
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Lawguy, it IS possible to reduce the allergens on the cat. One way is with a regular bath. Done right (experts here can tell you how--don't believe the funny internet version!), the cat will tolerate it quite well and it could make a big difference for you.

As cats age, they do tend to get more territorial and more cautious. However, two of our three gladly come out to greet visitors.
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LawGuy!! I'm so glad you have welcomed ally into your life.

If you keep her socialized, she will stay a very happy and friendly cat. My two cats LOVE strangers. They come to the door like dogs to meet them, the minute they are sitting the cats are on their laps. Cello, my siamese, goes for walks on harness, bike rides, car rides, and recently was accepted into a therapy program where I take him to medical/old age centers for people to pet, and finally he lets me dustbust him! (notably I couldn't do any of this with kismet because she is afraid of leaving the apartment, but she is WONDERFUL at home)

Siamese especially have a bad wrap for hating people and being mean. I hope this will help break the strerotype!! OH and I adopted both my cats when they were 7 from a shelter (9 now)!! They were skittish when I got them but I think that they are a great example of what some TLC and socialization can do to any cat!

You don't have to classify yourself as a 'dog' person or a 'cat' person. I love both, and both have their own wonderful qualities that can add so much to your life. I am an 'animal person'

I too suffer from insomnia, and there is something very calming about a kitty cuddled up next to you to quietly pet while you can't sleep..... very therapeutic. As for the allergies, generally an animal you live with for an extended period of time, from my experience, you will either get over allergies too, or not become allergic too. Your body gets used to that allergen. My brother and SO live with me, both initially had minor animal allergies and the cats don't bother either of them anymore (took about 6 months) but when they are around other animals they cough and sneeze. If you have no problems now, I doubt you will in the future! GOodluck
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Often cats become wary of strangers, but they'll be total love bugs with their owners. Those hissing cats you met earlier probably aren't like that at all when it's just them and their people. Just keep introducing your kitty to people, have them play with her, and hopefully she won't develop any fears.

For allergies, here's what I do - we give her a bath every few weeks with an allergen reducing shampoo. I vacuum at least once a week. I cover the couch in blankets and wash those once a week. I brush her everyday and use a furminator every few days to get out any loose dander. And, she's not aloud in the bedroom.

So far, so good
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And another sucker - er - human succumbs to feline charms.
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There is nothing more calming than a purring kitten in the middle of the dark night.
post #8 of 27're hooked!
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I hear ya. I've never been a cat person--grew up in an anti-cat home. Then I realized if I wanted a cuddly pet my only option was a cat and I was like no thats crazy, not for me. A friend called said, I have a kitten for you--went to see it, and the rest is history--now we have two. I still love dogs though.

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My 2 girls are as different as night and day, even though they are from the same litter. When the guy was here to spackle and texture the bathroom wall that they had cut through, Dusty was sitting there watching him, Rusty was hiding under the bed. LOL And when my neighbor comes over, Dusty will run to her for skritches, Rusty is still a bit skittish.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
There is nothing more calming than a purring kitten in the middle of the dark night.
My Pearl has derailed my insomniac trains of thought many a long, long night.

LawGuy, I'm so glad Ally found you! You saved her life, and now she's enriching yours in return. Ain't love grand?

We'd sure like to see pictures of you and Ally and your dog! (Most of us love dogs too!)
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I've been a cat person for as long as I can remember. They are amazing but no they are not friendly in the same manner as dogs. I will tell you this once you have earned the love & trust of a cat it means you have worked hard and deserve that love & trust. Don't get me wrong I love dogs because of their open affection, but I think it's because I can appreciate thier differnces. Now that this little sweetheart has made her way into your life & heart maybe you can understand a little bit more those people who love thier cats despite the way they are with strangers.

Welcome to the wonderful world of cats. Your life will never be the same.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
My Pearl has derailed my insomniac trains of thought many a long, long night.

LawGuy, I'm so glad Ally found you! You saved her life, and now she's enriching yours in return. Ain't love grand?

We'd sure like to see pictures of you and Ally and your dog! (Most of us love dogs too!)
Ally has been an unexpected, but great addition to my life and I'm thrilled that things worked out the way that they did.

If nothing else, she entertains me while entertaining herself.

A little while ago I when I used the restroom she decided to join me since her litter box is across from the toilet. So I'm sitting there, she gets in her pooping stance, and I offered her a magazine.

Little funny things like that add to my day and I really look forward to taking her with me to law school and hopefully then getting her a friend to play with since I won't be around as much as I am now.

ETA: I will post some photos soon. Lately, she's been separated from the dog due to family and safety issues (for her safety), but at night when the dog is upstairs in my parents room hanging out I bring her over and let the two of them hang out together. I need to start taking more photos because it's amazing how fast she is growing. She is double or triple the size she was when I found her less than a month ago.
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If a dog likes you, he'll wag his tail. If he doesn't like you, he'll bite you.

If a cat likes you, he'll ignore you. If he doesn't like you, he'll rub against you and purr, then when you reach down to pet him, he'll sink his teeth and claws into your hand/arm.

If, after a few times of being treated this like you haven't killed him, he will decide that you are a good person, and will start ignoring you. Then you will start to woo him, and he will eventually deign to let you pet him.
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Please if you do ever bath her - post full details!

It sounds as though she has stolen your heart!
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Please if you do ever bath her - post full details!
I've already had to bathe her 3 times since finding her. When her bowels were getting settled initially after nearly starving, she was having some "accidents" on the floor, the sheets of my bed, and even on me. She got plenty on her, so I had to give her a bath.

She does NOT like water. I learned this the hard way. Plenty of clawing at me (not to hurt me, but rather trying to climb up my arm out of the water). It's been about 2 weeks since her last bath and she's starting to smell a little funky, so another bath for her tomorrow is coming.
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Wow that's not so bad then!

My Nana & I co-own a cat [Sapan] that before every show he went to, we bathed him and every time he would rip a tile off her wall!
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
There is nothing more calming than a purring kitten in the middle of the dark night.
ain't that the truth!

Lawguy, it sounds like you and your kitty are going to be great friends!

My husband wasn't big on pets before we adopted out kitties, but he knew I loved cats. He didn't hate cats. After our two came home, he has never looked back. Now when we visit friends with dogs he is like "Eww, slobber. Let's go home to the cats!" And he is always telling stories about our kitties to me.

You sound like a great guy. I hope you and Ally have many special years together!
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I think there are a bunch of members here that "weren't cat people".
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Yay! Ally sounds like she has a wonderful home now! The same thing happened with me - I loved dogs and didn't like cats at all - until Seven came into my life (much the same way your Ally did). She changed my life! And my opinion of cats is totally different now - I love 'em.

I have a couple of suggestions for you and your new kitty - since she has had a rough start, her immune system may have been weakened and you'll have to be careful with medications, vaccinations, etc. My Seven had a rough start like yours did and because of that, I believe her immune system wasn't in the best shape. A routine rabies vaccination killed her when she was 3 years old... so please please please be careful and remember your little one will need special care and attention.

As far as allergies, I am also allergic to my cats. My vet claims Allerpet-C is the only rub-down solution for cats that works (I can't find it anywhere nearby, so I have not tried it yet). In the past, I've used Simple Solution Cat Allergy Relief - it is also a rub-down solution for cats. (I found this at Petsmart). It worked fairly well for the most part. However, I have discovered that an every-other-day rub-down with a warm damp washcloth also helps - and it's cheaper! My kitten thinks he's being groomed so he sits very still during his rub-down and he seems to enjoy it. My other cat tolerates it.

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Sounds like you've been adopted!

I've always been a cat person. My dad was a cat person, so we always had anywhere from 1-6 cats at home (mom was not happy about that but it was 2 against 1, hehe) , and my husband is a total cat person (I told him I wouldn't have married him if he didn't like cats!)

I think if your cat starts out very sociable and friendly, she will always be that way. Your friends cats probably just happened not to be "people kitties". Pandora runs for the hills when anyone comes in. Thor just swaggers up to them like "Hi, how you doin' - got any food?" Just depends on their personality.

I wish you and Ally many wonderful, prosperous years together!!
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I'm glad you've had a change of heart about cats...and glad you found a sweet one.
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I was never a cat person until I met Mr Jinx
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I can totally relate to your post! I have always thought of myself as a "dog person." To me, cats were "okay." I was basically neutral about them unless they were the mean type that you described. I didn't like that kind at all. But, much like some others here, I am a single woman who works an 8 to 5 job and a dog just wasn't feasible. Then, I met the most perfect cat for me, Bodhi. He is everything I thought cats weren't... affectionate, loving, sweet-natured, calm, gentle, and loyal. He totally changed my attitude towards cats!! And now I have another love-bug, Siddha, who is exactly the same just in kitten form.

I'm so glad you found your sweet kitty! And I am sure she's glad she found you. It's great isn't it!!
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I don't even believe in cat person vs. dog person. I am an animal person. I like both cats and dogs equally and same with any other animal. I can never understand how someone can like cats but not like dogs..this just doesn't make sense to me .
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Originally Posted by LawGuy View Post
"I don't like cats" - ... I didn't like cats, but I couldn't let a kitten die. ....

I no longer dislike cats...... I like both dogs and cats. My dog is my favorite dog in the world, and Ally is now my favorite cat in the world.

It's amazing how life sometimes throws curveballs at you that changes things quickly. ......
This is a sweet story and I think shows a natural progression that often happens when a person who thinks they don't like cats, but have never had a cat as a pet, for one reason or another finds themselves with a cat and as they get to know their cat, their feelings change. Cats chose to live with humans, unlike most other domestic animals. Therefore cats know now to worm their way into your heart if they really want to. They don't always want to, which is also different than the normal dog. In fact, I think that in most cases you have to EARN their affection. Rescuing a kitten's life certainly qualifies.

LawGuy - I hope you continue to like BOTH dogs and cats, but I think you'll find that as you and your kitty get to know each other better, what you feel for your cat in the way of affection now is nothing as compared to what you'll feel several years from now.

Best wishes, good luck, and cats everywhere thank you.
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Glad she found the right home
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