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Female cat spraying

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Well i seem to have a problem with one of my female cats...I have 2 cats both neutered and both trained to go outside via a cat flap..Just recently maybe the past few months i have noticed,one of my cats the burmese is spraying up windows,doors,in the tumble dryer..and worst of all up peoples legs..i.e mine and both my daughters...is there anything i can do about this...only my husband says if we cant sort it she will have to go... as one of my daughters is only 1 and salt is doing this to her 2
any help would be appreciated
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Hi, and welcome to The Cat Site!

Im sorry to hear about your problem - I can't say that I know this situation! I encountered it with male cats that were'nt neutered on time, but Im not sure about females!

I hope some one will manage to help you. Please tll your husband to try and be patiet!
We all have to remember that it's never a cat's "fault" for doing something that nature is guiding it too! I suggest reading online material regarding cats, maybe you'll find the answer!

Good luck!
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Please take your cat to the vet immediately. She could be trying to tell you something such as she has a urinary tract infection. Your vet will be able to tell you whether she does or not.

Once you have her cleared by the vet and she checks out, and she is still doing it- please go through this thread here for more answers. Good luck! But please do take her to the vet and quickly!

Inappropriate Peeing Problems
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Ok so we just got back from the vets..
No urine infection she is fine.
Not quite sure what to do now,we came home and she sprayed up the microwave I have been round and cleaned all the areas..infact the whole house...what else can i do??
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Click here to read a thread about stopping inappropriate urination.

Click here ´╗┐for a lengthy thread on stopping spraying. It is very long, but you will see many suggestions and what worked and didn't work for this member. For some reason the initial post on that thread is not there, but you will soon see that it was written by someone in a similar situation as yourself.
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how many litter boxes do you have in the house? do they ever use them to pee? or are they trained to only go potty outdoors?

if it isn't a dislike of it's current potty conditons (dosen't like litter, the box, location, smell,...) it may be a sign that more attention from you and your family is needed.

Also you may want to consider keeping her inside only, so you can watch her more and figure out why she is spraying. If the need be keep her confined to one room, with all the cat essentails, and try to feed her and play with her reguarly (scheduled feedings best)

how old is she? more info may help...
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also, is it spraying (marking) or urinating?

if marking, a feliway plug-in may help...
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can you buy those plugin's in the uk?
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And also it mentions a black light..What is this and where do i get one from in the UK...thanxs to everybody for the help
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She is 4 and yes she goes outside...She has lots of attention as i dont work and i am here all the time,She is always with me
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did you check if she's Diabetic? (forgive me if Im not spelling it right).

My Vet is raising a Diabetic cat, which pees a LOT more than any normal cat does. You should rule it out with the vet.
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You can order the plug-in from Doctors Foster & Smith, www.drsfostersmith.com I am not sure if they ship to the UK, though, but it's worth a look.

I found it to be cheaper than at any of the retail stores around here (New York).
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If you don't get the urine out, break it down with a good enzyme cleaner, then she will go to the area she last sprayed and she will respray to keep the scent fresh. Is it possible she is stressed out by something? Another cat perhaps? A new roomate, did you recently paint your flat? It is hard to help when we don't know the variables at work here. Cats generally spray for three reasons, territorial (meaning other cats are in the vicinity) so they mark their property- they spray when they are stressed, or when they are sick.

The blacklight is available here in the states as a sort of flashlight you can buy it at Petsmart (here) You wait until it is really dark, and you shine it and the urine glows and shows up. Then you need a good enzyme cleaner like Nature's Miracle to put on the spots to work it down and get rid of it. You will be amazed at how far sprayed urine can travel.

I have a feral sprayer here, it is the darndest thing. He eludes capture, but at night sometimes, he sneaks into the house while we are sleeping and sprays our heater! YIKES! He keeps doing it, because of where he has chosen to spray, I can't get all the urine off- as using enzyme cleaners near heat sources is not recommended. It would be funny if it didn't smell so dang-blasted bad!
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