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new kitten and older cats

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Hi there,

We just got a new male kitten yesterday. He is only 8 weeks old and is being kept in a "safe room" while he gets used to the scent of our older cats and becomes more familiar with his surroundings. Mick, as we're calling him, was probably taken from his mother too early as he climbs all over me trying to knead and nurse, and yowls for us to come back as soon as we leave. Other than that, we are taking him to the vet at the next available appointment to be sure he is otherwise healthy, which so far, he appears to be.

Our older cats (around 2) are NOT happy. During a short introduction session where I held the kitten and briefly sat him in front of me while the adults were around, the kitten just wanted to play, particularly with the male cat, who is obviously threatened because he hissed and swatted when the kitten approached him.

Nonetheless, the male cat has acted the same way toward my husband and myself, UNLIKE the female cat, who is acting the same toward me with the exception of a low guttural growl and, at one point, a hiss. She comes up to me, jumps up on the couch with me, lets me pet her, then makes the noise. She doesn't run away or anything, just comes and goes as she pleases and randomly makes the growling sound. I'd say she is threatened as well, perhaps in the power play for who will be the kitten's surrogate mommy, but I'm not the expert, hence, I am posting here.

I'll hear anyone's insight on introducing a new kitten and the types of behaviors I've explained. It would be VERY much appreciated!
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When I brought in a couple of new cats two of my resident cats would get mad at me too. They were the oldest at 10 years old. They get angry and take it out on the closest living thing near them. They even took it out on another resident cat. They will get use to it. Its still so new to them, remember they aren't sure if they are being replaced or not. In time when they see nothing has changed, they are still getting their food to eat and and are still getting attention from you. I have 9 cats, I've been through this many times. It will calm down. Good luck.
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