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Reducing wet-food feedings to 2 times a day?

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I had been feeding my kitten (now 9 weeks or so) wet food up until now. However, in order to give her free-access to wet-food, I had to leave some portion sitting out in her bowl. It ended up that some wet-food sat out for hours until she ate it.

My dog likes to eat most of his wetfood, but leave a small portion to come back to later. He's done this for years so we never really thought about any problems arising from it.

However, I read the thread about not leaving wet-food out too long for bacterial reasons. I'll have to get her stool checked the next time she's at the vet to make sure I didn't cause an increase in bad bacteria or parasites by doing this for her.

I was wondering though, now that she's eating dry-food by itself out of a feeder whenever she wants it (and I'm leaving that out indefinitely because I assume dry food is less prone to bacterial growth when used with a feeder?) is it ok to reduce her wetfood feedings to 2 one-session portions a day? I bought her the smaller single serving size cans today to do this with.

So is 2 wet-food feedings a day + free access to dry-food and water enough nutrition for my kitten? It doesn't seem necessary to transition her. I tried mixing in dry food with wet-food earlier last night, but as of the moment, she's going to the dry food feeder and eating straight out of there without a problem.
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Yep, two small feedings of wet food a day is fine if she has acces to kibble all the time.

I feed my 12 w/o kitten 1/2 of a 3 oz. can of Science Diet twice a day plus maybe 1/2 cup kibble and a fresh water dish. since she doesn't always finish it i assume its more than enough.
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With that young of a kitten, I would try to do 3 wet meals myself. I used to do one in the morning, one when I got home from work and one before I went to bed.
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This issue has progressed into a bit of a problem. Topic here:

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Wet food can be left out all day. I do not know if wet food is moe pone to bacteia then dry food but I do know that if dry food has water added, it is cdertainly more prone to bacteria. IMO there is no reason as far as the cats are concerned to feed dry. Also, cats do like to eat small meals throughout the day
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