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Old Cat problem

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We have an old deaf cat she is like 20 y.o and for a few weeks she walks kinda wobbly. When it first started she would walk with her head tilted to the side. That only lasted a day or two but since then she walks like she is drunk. Not reeaally drunk but she kinda loses her balance.

She doesnt seem to be in pain but its still not good i think. She is still eating very well, probably more than usual and she drinks lots of water.

i kno we needs to take her to the vet but we just got a new puppy and we have taken her to the vet 4 times for her vaccinations etc and medications has cost hundreds.

Mum said we will take her to the vet next week but does it sound like she is very sick? Could she has a brain tumor? If we take it to the vet will the vet euthanaise it because she is old?
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Many things could be wrong with her, from an ear infection to who knows what? She really needs to see a vet, at least for a quick exam.
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She really needs a vet now because of her age.
She could have had a stroke.
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Drinking lots of water is a sign of kidney problems. When our cats blood got quite "dirty" from failing kidneys his balance was not all that good.
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My Stripe they think had a stroke from crf and sh went in a coma and had to be pts.
Your cat needs blood tests.
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Kidney problems sound very likely--my vet described renal failure like being drunk/intoxicated because the kidneys aren't clearing the toxins. It may be possible to help alleviate some of the symptoms with medicine and fluids if your vet finds that your cat does have renal failure. The vet will likely do bloodwork to check your kitty's kidneys.
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Ye she is going to the vet in a few days but i'm worried bcoz she is so old and if its serious the vet will put her down. Oh well i will let you know what happened to her.
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