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Coach charged in player's death

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do you think this is just? I'm kind of on the fence. On one hand I can see where perhaps the coach should have been more aware, but at the same time, is he really responsible?
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Heat kills people - yes, the coach pushed the kid probably. Did he kill him? No. I guess I can see where someone needs to be held responsible, but on a whole....the coach didn't kill the kid.

Unfortunately, deaths like this continue to happen. People just don't seem to realize that they are pushing too hard in sports. There was a MN Vikings player that died during practice a few years back, and IMO no one learned a thing from it. Sad his death didn't seem to wake people up.
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Athletes at all levels need to be more responsible. Anybody that has ever played football knows how hot it is during those late summer practices. A coach won't know you aren't feeling well if you don't say something. I feel bad for everyone involved but if the coach pushed the kid knowing he didn't feel well because of the heat that's one thing, if the kid didn't say anything or if the coach couldn't see that something was wrong I don't see how the coach can be held responsible.
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I heard more about this on the way home from school. Apparently, there were four eyewitnesses that came over and said the coach had them running for 45 minutes after practice without access to water and saying that they'll run until someone quits. I'm hearing different things about that though. Someone who knows the players on the team was on local radio saying that some of it had to with peer pressure and not wanting to be the first one to take a drink or quit.


I'm interested to see what comes out in court but I think all parties involved needed to be more responsible.
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Nothing will bring their son back. The family needs some sort of closure, but this won't be enough. You can't always "blame" someone. Did the coach bear some responsibility? Possibly.
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It would be interesting to see what the the jury gets to see - maybe it will be on court TV. I can understand why charges were filed - if the boys were refusing to drink water under some sort of "peer pressure", acting macho, then it would be the teacher's duty to make them take a break and drink water. Just like if an employee refuses to take a break, it is up to the manager/boss to tell them, hey, it's time to care for yourself.
Well, the coach finally got someone to quit the team all right
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Originally Posted by catsknowme View Post
it would be the teacher's duty to make them take a break and drink water.
Exactly. The coach knew better, even if the kids didn't.
I remember back in high school that the football coach got in trouble because he wasn't letting the players have enough breaks to rehydrate - we're talking 100F+ heat. Some of them got sick from heat exhaustion, and for a while they wouldn't let him coach without someone else out there to watch him.

Yes, the coach should get in trouble for this. While he's coaching them, those kids are his responsibility. If a parent let their child die of dehydration and heat stroke (how about the ones that leave their kids in a hot car?), they wouldn't get any breaks.

I might add. It can come on quick, but it is virtually impossible to miss at least some of the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Anyone with half a brain should be able to recognize when someone is getting sick from this - though the person suffering from it may not as it causes neurological symptoms (you can't think clearly). This comes from personal experience - I've had bad heat exhaustion.
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