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Seeking home remedies for Murfie

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Hi guys!

Murfie is doing much better on her prescribed biscuits (for her food allergy for those of you that don't know) but continues to bump off the scab slowing the healing process.

I was wondering if anyone has some safe, everyday household type products that could perhaps be watered down and dabbed on her sores to speed up her recovery?

Creams don't work as she just wipes them off straight away.

My partner and I are about to get her an Elizabethan collar so she cant get to them but I only want to do that as a LAST RESORT as I know she would hate it.
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can't help with the home remedies... but you might try one of these: foam e-collar. might work better for her than the traditional type.
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Im in australia and ive never seen those before....I guess all I can do is ask the vet although I will only use one as a last resort
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Have you thought about trying a Holistic vet? This isn't a complete list, but you could probably google someone close to you
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Best to consult a vet before you try anything. This might give you a starting point on what to look for and research.

Looks like they are from Australia
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If you are trying to prevent infection... Bactine can be a good one - plus it numbs the area too, which helps a little...
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Just a reminder to check with your vet before using any over-the-counter remedy.
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I will def check with the vet before using anything I just though most ppl on here are very knowledgeable so I'd ask here first!
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