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So I'm new to kittens... I'm just somewhat worried about Toby getting enough water. It's awful dry in this house and my dad won't turn on the humidifier til we have these people come in the house and give it a pretty good cleaning... is there anything I can do in the meantime to make sure she's well-hydrated?
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Hmm you mean the air is dry? I don't think that can make a kitty dehydrated ...Just make sure he has fresh water and he should be fine! How old is he?
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When mine were kittens I put out several water bowls so there was always one close by for a drink.

Feeding canned food. I added a little more water to their canned food.

For the humidity in the house, if you can leave the door to the bathroom ajar when you take a shower that will add moisture in the house. Simmering a pan of water on the stove will also add moisture to the air. Do not leave the pan unattended.
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