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Canning own cat food?

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So I can't remember where I saw it but someone who fed raw also canned their own food cat food for emergencies. It got me thinking, if my boys won't eat raw/I just don't feel like that's a step I'm ready for--could I can my own wet food for them?

Anyone try this?

Any recommendations? I would assume I'd still need to add the taurine, and calcium supplements as well as some form of omega 3s/fish oil.

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I haven't read about anyone canning their own, but I have heard of people making a big batch of food and freezing the excess. With canning, I would be concerned about being able to do so safely--according to this article, the cans would have to be boiled for a long time to be safe, but they don't know how long (see the section on baby foods): http://www.extension.umn.edu/distrib...ntyoushouldcan. If you decide to look into canning cat food, a pressure canner is required: http://www.canningpantry.com/cafoatho.html
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My grandmother had a garden with vegetables and used to can vegetables because she had a lot left over..She used jars though and as far as I know no one got sick...I dont' even know if kitties get sick with botulism...usually the bacteria their stomachs can handle are much more than humans..
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Hmm, this is an interesting thought. I grew up with my grandmother and mother canning also. I think people use different methods to "seal" and "preserve" the contents of the jars. I believe mine used a water bath method. When the jar is sealed properly the lid will indent inward. Much like the jars of items from the grocery.

My thought would be not to add the supplements until ready to serve.

I cook for my sick sheltie and I make a large batch then freeze it in those plastic ice cube trays. All I have to do is take a cube or two from the freezer to defrost and add the supplements when serving.

Would love to hear more.
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This is the best I've come up with thus far as far as directions so to speak


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Vegetables and meats are two different stories. You can can foods with the water bath method if they have high enough acidity, but meats do not. I would definitely suggest doing more research before canning them, as they do require different techniques.
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I understand that a pressure canner is needed--people have been canning meats for years.

That link shows canning meat cat food.

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