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Think you're going to get a bargain?

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With so many stores going out of business these days, it's a great chance to get a great deal, right? Well, maybe not...

How Liquidators Work
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Yup, we saw that exact thing at the Linens N Things liquidation.

We went to Circuit City today and walked out with one CD and one DVD. Since we both have internet capable phones, we were able to check right there if the prices were good (they were).

There are some good deals, but on the higher end merchandise, you need to do your research before buying. Even on mid-range stuff, know what you can pay at another store where you could return malfunctioning equipment and then decide if it's really worth it. If you get a console gaming system, it's a whole lot easier to return a defective unit to your local store than having to deal with the manufacturer!
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Ya I walked arround are Linens and Things when it was still here becasue I wanted to pick up some more towels. Well I found the ones that match ours and Eric and I actually paied less then what they were asking for. I do most of my shoping online. It is alot cheeper even with shipping. Eric got a new video card for his computer from egghead and just for fun we went and look at Best Buy. The EXACT same video card was $60 more expensive even with shipping added in.
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I read an article online about how liquidations aren't always what they're cracked up to be. I doubt that I'd buy anything that way, unless I did my research first.
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Good grief. I saw that in LNT when I went in there, they had tablecloths for 4.99 that were marked up to something like $20 (of course I dug through the entire pile and found one they missed for 4.99)
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I was explaining this to dd a couple of days ago.

My mom lent her the 1st season of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. She LOVED it. Wants the rest of the series. I found it at Best Buy, it's $150 for the entire series. I can't justify that much money right now for a video series, esp when there's so many other things they want.

So then she said "Can we check out Circut City?". I told her I might, but there's a pretty good chance that if we do find it, it's not going to be any cheaper than what Best Buy has it at. And I think we did look one time we were there (when I was pricing MP3 players at Christmas), and I don't think we saw it there.
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