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Have you ever bought a DVD...

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that you really wanted to watch, got it home, got distracted, and never watched it?

We were at Sam's yesterday, and they were showing "The Order of the Phoenix." I didn't recognize any of what they were showing. I called my brother, and he said I had already sent it to him to watch, and he had returned it. I got home, looked in the cabinet, and sure enough, there it was. We watched it, and some parts looked a little familiar, but most of it didn't.

And, once again, I think I'm in love with Luna Lovegood. Well, maybe not, but I think she's the one Harry should have gotten with, eventually.
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yeah happens to me all the time. Right now I'm trying to find my copy of Cloverfield....everyone in my family who borrowed it CLAIMS they have given it back to me....only I didn't really want to watch it...its one of myfiances favorite movies. (DOn't know why because I got REALLY motion sick watching it)

Ohh Order of the Phoneix I saw that in the theaters but I don't remeber alot of it either...I don't think its the most memorable Harry Potter film...the only thing I REALLY remember is my oldest sister looking at me my other sister and her Husband weirdly at the end because I made a TINY comment that made all of them laugh hysertically....
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A few weeks ago I alphabetized our movie collection- we have a lot of movies and it was hard to find one when you wanted it. I couldn't believe how many there were that I'd never watched. Probably 20 or so out of the 250 or so that we have!

Still haven't started watching them yet....
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I don't buy dvds unless it's of a movie I have watched, and liked enough to waste money on. I do however rent a lot of them I never get around to watching - thankfully they're free, but it's a bit annoying when I get them before street date and still never get to watch them. DH and BIL like it though.
I'm still annoyed that I've rented Eagle Eye twice and haven't had a chance to watch it.

For those wondering about next Tuesday's dvds. Lakeview Terrence is messed up, things keep building up until it gets ugly. Decent movie, but not amazing.

Pride and Glory is good. Solid movie but for those who may rent or buy it on blu-ray, I personally felt the video quality wasn't as good as other movies I have watched on blu-ray. (played on a ps3 and a Samsung series 8 LCD for reference)

I still need to watch RocknRolla, and may be able to get Open Season 2 in.

Edit: For those thinking of renting or buying RocknRolla, it's hilarious. Gerard Butler's in it for those who are fans.
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yes - just last week i watched "The Producers". i can't remember when i bought it, tho...
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Oddly enough, that's one I have that we haven't watched yet!
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Edit: For those thinking of renting or buying RocknRolla, it's hilarious. Gerard Butler's in it for those who are fans.

I plan to get this one.
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I've never done it with a DVD, but I've done it with music Cd's.
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