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RIP Tortie

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A little tortie went over the bridge tonight.

Wherever you are, I hope you are now at peace - well groomed, well fed, warm, and loved. I wished I could have done more to help you, or even tried to save you, but I felt helpless. I hope you went painlessly.

Zoey, please look out for this tattered little kitty. He/she could use a little love!

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Rest in peace, little tortie cat.
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Rest In Peace little kitty
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Poor baby, i hope he/she is safely at the bridge now

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I have seen enough of sad stories like this, and I am sorry to hear about it.

Originally Posted by zoeysmom View Post
I wished I could have done more to help you, or even tried to save you, but I felt helpless.
I have been there, sometimes, myself, it is never easy.

It makes the times when the opportunity to make things work out the the way you'd like even more important.

That was the case with my own "tortie", in May 2008;

Kasey is our most recent cat, brought home in May 2008, she is an 8 to 10 year old dark tortie that I rescued from one of our company's sites.

She was brought there when she was a kitten for rodent control, they had her spayed and she had her shots. I go to the site occassionally as part of my job and the cat has known me for all these years.

As time went on, enevitable changes went on and she did not receive the best of care and in some cases I heard she was kicked around etc. Through all this, she retained a nice nature with people and craved attention. (Later examination showed an old injury to her left rear leg and the tips of the upper canines were broken off) . I know that she spent some severe winter nights out in the facilty yard without a lot of cover.

She was losing patches of fur and looked to be in bad shape. This was used as an excuse by some there to convince their supervisor to take her to be put down, because she was "sick". One of the guys that worked there, who has since tranfered out, intervened quite stronly on her behalf and shut that effort down.

Last April, I was on site for a few days, supervising a crew of contractors and had seen enough, I came home and we talked about it and on the next run up there, I brought a cat carrier and took her home.

We did all the vet stuff and the recommended slow introduction from separate rooms etc. She did very well on good quality food and is in very good shape, now and all the fur with full torti colours grew back quite thickly. She has basically "imprinted" on me and has retained her friendly nature with people. She has adapted well to being aa indoor, house cat and seems happy she doesn't "do" winter anymore.
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Originally Posted by KittiesHasMe View Post
Rest in peace, little tortie cat.
Have fun getting to hang out with our TCS RB kitties - you won't be alone ever again
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My beloved best friend and Sasha's mama, my SiSi, was a tortie - a beautiful, spirited, loving, alpha and loyal girl for 11 years by my side every night - never missed. She will watch over him. She'll be there.
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Rest in peace sweet kitty
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