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my cat lost 2 teeth!

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Sooo...today i noticed one of my cats eating slower than usual. Just a quick background, He is 4 years old, I've had him since he was about 7 weeks or so, feral litter. He always just had four teeth on top and 4 (not including fangs) teeth on bottom but they were very small. Kinda weird looking. The vet checked him out and nothing seemed strange. He also has a bent tail so i dont know what happened to him as a baby, poor thing. Must have broke somehow and just stayed bent

Fast forward today.... i notice he now only has 2 small teeth on top and 4 on the bottom. At some point they fell off!!! The thing is his gums look pretty healthy. He has no signs of gingivitis or anything. I have another cat who has chronic gingivitis/ Stomatitis so I would know what poor gums would look like.

Any other reason why his teeth might have fallen off? He's healthy, shiny coat, eats everyday just fine (slower but always eats), fat little man...

This is my boy Kiki waiting for his food!

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I never had too much exprience with teeth, but they are so adorable. What little cuties they are.
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What a cutie! WHen was his last vet check? I'd call them to ask about this. Frankie lost 2 teeth on her own then the vet had to pull a few more but she's 10+.
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