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I think Luna is angry at me?

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After the incident where Luna ate a plastic bag and she had to spend the night at the vet, getting enemas :s, she's been different since she has come home.

In the morning, she still wants her morning hug, but once she's woken up, she doesn't want to know me.

She used to follow me everywhere. Now she ignores me, and does her own thing.

Whenever I try to pat her she tries to bite me, and if I pick her up she latches onto my arm with her mouth and doesn't let go until I put her down. A few times my boyfriend has had to pull her off me.

She also used to knead and suck on my hair if I was lying down, now she won't even go on the bed.

I really feel like she's mad at me or doesn't like me.

She HATES the vet. She hates it. And she's always a bit weird when we've been there. But it was the first night she hasn't stayed at home with me and it's been quite a few days now and she hasn't gone back to her normal behaviour.

And she's not sick or anything and nothing's wrong with her, she's acting normal - just like she doesn't like me anymore

What can I do? Has this happened to anyone else? Will it pass?
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I think it's still early days yet. If shes only been home a few days. Her behaviour seems quite dominant. Given shes been in a very stressful situation, to put it mildly if I'd been taken some where I didn't want to go and then had some one shove things up my behind *blush*! i would be just a bit narky and grumpy for the next week or two when i got home. When she does nip you with her teeth though don't stand for it. Make a loud "ouch" noise that indicates you've been hurt (even if you havn't been)! and quickly withdraw any attention and affection. This works very well for Caspian who gets a bit narky at meal times and thinks he'll let me know by jumping on me and nipping me. Not acceptable! Perhaps it would be nice to give her things (when shes been good and not nipped you) that she loves, like a favourite treat or a brush with her favourite brush. I don't think your Luna is mad at you if anything shes just stressed and I dare say some what traumatised!! But don't worry, I am sure she will come round back to her usual self in no time. When Caspian went for his neutering he slept for about five days, I worried I thought my playful bouncy boy had changed but he came back round!
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Kitty showed very similar behaviour after I got Maisie. Amongst other things, it got so bad I had a animal behaviourist come to the house to help.

What I think is happening to you is she associates you with the nasty time at the vet. Now, you have to win her back but this must be on her terms. you can`t force it.

With Kitty I basicaly had to ignore him. Didn`t go to stroke him, when he did come home I just let him eat and go.

Well, that got him curious and he`d come and look for me but again, just ignored him.

Then I had to get really nice treats, sit really quietly and when he aproached me he could have some but no stroking. let him rub on you if he wants.

Then when they are coming to you and rubbing, stroke them but stop before they get annoyed.

Also now, playing is a good thing but stop before they get bored and walk away. You need to stop the game so they are left wanting more and not left annoyed because you over did it.

I hope this helps a bit. I remember how horrible it was when Kitty was upset with me
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i was thinking she would be a bit grumpy after the vet...but once it started lasting longer, i'm thinking she probably does associate me with the vet

before at other vet trips, she would get really scared and hold onto me and not want to let go, but the last vet trip...they let me see her after doing the initial xrays, and she wouldn't hug me. she sat on my lap, sitting up very straight, and wouldn't look at me.

and then when she came home, she wouldn't even enter my bedroom for the first day - it was the room she threw up in just before taking her to the vet.

she doesn't like treats (?!) i've bought all different types, and she won't eat any of them - but she lovvvvvvvvvvves fresh fish, so i guess, despite how much her vet trip cost me i'm going to have to go out tomorrow and buy her some really tasty fish fillets and serve those up for a few days until she loves me again!

i just want her love!!!!
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In this situation, I would say the best thing to do would be give her extra space. Basically ignore her physically. I would talk to her, but make her work for the physical attention. She needs to be reminded that this is a pleasure and not abuse it.
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