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I have a monster on my hands...

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I came home last night from the movies with my friend Jenn and we were sitting downstairs. I'd left Toby in what WAS her room upstairs for the time we were out, because my dad can't really handle both the dog and the cat alone. Anyway, Jenn and I are sitting downstairs talking, and Toby hears us. She starts crying, and I was going to go get her shortly (after she stopped the crying). ALL of a sudden, she comes BURSTING down the stairs! She'd OPENED the door by herself! Mind you, the door to her room opens INWARD... she somehow figured out that you turn the knob, and since the door handle is somewhat loose anyway and doesn't quite "catch" fully to close all the time. She was JUMPING up and down to turn the knob herself, and pushed the door the rest of the way open! I have created a monster...!!!

I have since put all her things in my room and fully kitten-proofed that room now as well. Hence why I didn't quite sleep so well last night... I was up rearranging and kitty-proofing rooms!
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Oh you think its bad when they learn to start opening doors do you? Just you wait till they learn how to open the oven! My friend wast telling me about her two siamese, like a pair of criminals they snook into the kitchen. One of them stood ontop of the cooker and the other stood looking at the oven. Luckily it wasn't on but my friend had put in some chicken to just defrost. Lo and behold the siameses managed to prize the door open and suprise suprise the chicken some how managed to get on the kitchen floor ! Caspian one of my cats has just learnt to open doors, now I just need to think of a way to teach him to shut it behind him brrr the draft!!!
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since I dont use my dishwasher the food for the cats normally gets stored there (hey Im a man that washes them by hand!) anyways the male kitten mr snuggles figured out how to open the dishwasher so we lock it now haha.
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LOL... don't give her any ideas, you guys!
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My cats open doors too! I was shocked when I first came home to find them in a room that had its door closed before leaving the house. Ever since they were kittens they've been opening our doors and still do it now they're almost fully grown.

Its madness but clever really.
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Oh,yeah - the (in)famous "Looky what I did!!" JC is in hearty approval of Toby's discovery
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A friend of mine had to rearrange her whole living room so that no furniture was anywhere near the door. When it was, her kitty figured out how to unlock and open the front door to the apartment. You want to talk about being freaked out - coming home (two women, college aged) to find the front door wide open, both cats gone but apparently nothing else missing...wondering when the serial killer was going to pop out of the bedroom to kill us. Then later that night after the cats were corralled, her husband called and the home thoroughly checked for serial killers, we were watching TV when Dice (who should have been named McCavity) starts unlocking the door! Stinker!
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