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Sunday!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!!

Very snowy and cold here this morning. Been snowing most of the night and the wind chill is really brutal.

Going to bundle up shortly and head out to clear my deck and stairs. Have to go to the drugstore to pick up a prescription and stop by my Aunt's for a few

Left-over beef stew and biscuits for dinner tonight. I may work on my quilt patches for a bit later as well. I can work on them for about 1/2 hour but then my hands start to get sore. At this rate of production my quilt may be done in about 20 years or so.

The kitties have all went back to bed, all I can see is three lumps under my comforter.

Everyone have a great day
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sunday is my chill day, im going to do alot of relaxing, prob go visit the 'rents for a bit, have to pick up a small grocery order, dont need much this week, prob do some cleaning up and then relax on the couch and cuddle with BF and the cats
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Today is my cleaning day. See how much I've gotten accomplished??
I think I'm going to power clean and work off some of my anger at the post office today.. I really hate the post office here. (no offense to anyone that works in one)
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I'm going to pay some bills and maybe clean up around my office a bit. Other than that I imagine I'll spend most of the day lazing around on my computer with a cat on my lap. I may do a little bit of work while I'm on the computer, or I may just surf for fun and play a game all day.
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I was supposed to go to a bridal show in London today. A co-worker won 4 tickets off the radio and we were going to go. I was all ready to go and waiting for her when she texted me to tell me that her car broke. I really wanted to go to it.

Now I am just going to be sitting around all day.
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I've got to read about 200 pages for a sociology class..Then shop a little, wax my eyebrows..Hopefully i'll get more time to shop if I read quickly...
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Not much. I am not feeling well. I didn't get off the couch yesterday. My fibromyalgia is acting up. I haven't felt this bad in 5 years. It doesn't help that is is -30C outside with a windchill of -38C. I think I'll just stay inside.
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It's Monday morning here!

I've just brought my kittens into the lounge to play for 30 minutes and then I'll feed them, do litter trays etc.

Not much planned today - I've got 4 days off work!

I'm going to try Gail's Beef Stroganoff tonight with egg noodles!

Have a good day folks!
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It's snowy here too, which is pretty but it makes my commute awful. I hope it goes away.

Today I took Chloe to the vaccine clinic at Petco to get her Rabies shot, and then I went to the library. My plans for the rest of the day include cleaning and catching up on some work stuff. Exciting times.
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Afternoon everyone!

Today we went to our wedding venue and signed the contract. It's official - June 5, 2010!! I'm so excited. We think we already know who we want for a photographer, so we'll meet with them in a month, and then maybe book them too. I don't want to lose the photographer I want because we waited too long to book them.

We went out to breakfast with my parents, then to the Christmas Tree Shop. Then we came home, and my friend left to go back to her house. Now just relaxing. I was gonna work out, but I'm really tired. Oh, and my friend and I saw Bride Wars last night, and we thought it was really good.
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Good evening. We went to Church this morning, and since we didn't see FROST/NIXON yesterday afternoon as we planned to do,(the line was too long) we went straight to the movie right after Church. Very good movie. After that we went for an early supper at our favorite restaurant.
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Good evening. Today I have vacuumed, done laundry, dishes, cleaned off the table, reorgnized the kitchen cabnets, and cleaned the bathrooms (I am still nesting )

I am trying a new recipe for dinner, Potatoe Casserole east to make hope it turns out yummy!
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Good evening

Arrived back at the house at 6:30am today (will be making a thread as to why!), then slept until 1pm. Took Nero to the vet at 2, and they told us to finish out some Clindamyacin and refill it one more time before deciding whether or not to get his sinuses scoped (chronic sinus infection).

Came back and put our Sleep Number 9000 bed together in our room in the new house SO comfy! I'm sad I cant sleep on it tonight, it'll be much better than the crap bed we have now.

About to head to bed, I'm gonna be so extremely tired tomorrow morning I dont want to go to work haha. I need a day to recuperate after this weekend's "festivities".
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