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Throwing up

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My somali cats are throwing up food right after eating. They are otherwise healthy very active no problems with there waste production they are at good a good weight no health problems at all, but they randomly throw up their wet food that we feed them I think they are eating to fast cause our other cat who eat rather slow has no problems and hasn't ever thrown up his food. They throw up on different kinds of wet food not just one in poticular. They are pigs when it come to feeding time they eat very fast and try to steal each others food so much to the point he have to separate the Somails from Orion when they eat. Is there anything I can do to get the somalis slow down their eating so that every other dinner dosen't come with an encore. I leave dry food out for them all day so I know they are getting enough to eat. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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Offer a smaller amount and more meals would be my suggestion.

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