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Slow Introduction Question and Update

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Hello, I recently got a 5 month old kitten on wednesday. I have a 2 year old and 17 year old. Now I am doing the slow intro method.

Few questions though:

I had Max's scent (5m/o kitten) all over a towel. On saturday I put the towel out to see what my older cats (Callie and Lily) would do. They really didn't do anything and even layed on it.

I thought I was supposed to see some type of reaction. Like pawing, growling, hissing or even ears going back?

Now Max even with him being in the house only a couple hours, he was a purr machine and wasn't the typical new cat in a new area. He would come out and play and everything.

So my question is, should I just put him out with the other cats at this point and see what happens? (A little bit faster than the slow introduction, but i just havn't seen any bad signs period). And he really wants to explore the house. Almost snuck out of the room a few times now!
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You could do that I did it with a couple of mine, I also put a gate between the room that the new guy was in so they could see each other first, there will probably be some spitting and growling, but over time they get use to each other. Some times just getting the scent on something without seeing where that scent came from doesn't do too much, the others layed on the towel to put their scent back on it. Good luck, keep us updated.
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My cat didn't have a reaction to our new kitten until she saw him; smelling and hearing him didn't have any effect her. If you aren't sure how they will react to him it's probably a good idea to put up a gate in the doorway for their first visual contact so that no one gets too excited.
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Ya, he snuck out this morning when I went in to see him! Both of my other cats saw him. Lily (2 year old) sort of hissed a little, but followed him around. He was just minding his own business exploring. Callie the older cat didn't seem to have a say in anything. She was laying down right by where he passed and no hissing or anything.

I'll be introducing him on Tuesday, as I am going to be taking in a Foster cat (last day in a kill shelter) and need his room for the new cat. Busy week this turned out to be!

If anyone is in Michigan, I will be fostering a Bengal (Age between 2-4) for the Great Lakes Bengal Rescue. They have a website. He will be ready for adoption in 2-5weeks minimum. He seems to be a Marble, pure-bred, and tri-colored from what I can tell. But i'll have more info once I get him tomorrow.

Anyways thanks for the info. He will have to deal, but i think things will work out.
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Well, at about 10am this morning (11:15 now). I put Max out with the girls. He seems extremely hyper today. As he was exploring, he of course, saw the cats. He is not scared one bit of them. However, if he tries to play, they both hiss and growl some.

I've never had a Kitten before (all the cats i rescued were between 2-5 years old). Is this normal that the older cats are hiding from him?

Now when he runs after Lily (2 year old), she'll hide and he'll walk away. Then she goes and follows him, but if he turns around, she runs away and hides again? Is this good or bad?

Callie the older one, sort of stands her ground and is laying by the food dish currently. If he comes near, she hisses and waves her Oven mits (paws :P since she's declawed). And he'll walk away.
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