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Wilbur told me he wants to say hi

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So here's a picture of his majesty. He's pretty much destroyed the top of my old office chair. it's leather and doesn't take kindly to him sharpening his claws on it . you can't tell in the pic though.

He has found his perch now. though most times he flops down on the keyboard. While I'm typing no less. then just looks at me as if to say "what now?"
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Hi, Wilbur!

I'm glad he's feeling better.
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Hey, Wilbur!

Leather is just nice for claws, isn't it?
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Henry and Chloe have done the same thing to my office chair.
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that is a beautiful cat, its actually the type of cat me and BF want to adopt next
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Hi, Wilbur!!! How's the old tummy doing??

You didn't really like that old office chair now did you????
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Hey, Wilbur, you super stud muffin!
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Hi Wilbur! He's adorable!!!!! I love orange tabs
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Hi Handsome Wilbur!!
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He's getting to be so big!
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Hey Wilbur, you handsome muffin man
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Glad you wanted to say Hi Mr Wilbur!!
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man you guys are so nice.

He sure thinks a lot of himself. But then again, I think pretty highly of him too.

Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post

He's getting to be so big!
I know what you mean. I can't believe it!

Their birthday is wednesday, and it's hard to believe he started out this little.

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Aww the little scamp. He's so handsome
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Oh my word, what a handsome fellow.
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Aww bless him and I love his kitten pic! Our Fable is gradually destroying our computer chairs, when he does this it means he wants biscuits. As he is on a diet these chairs are now shredded!
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Gosh, Wilbur is so cute. I love the white streak on his nose. It melts my heart every time.

I'm glad Wilbur is feeling well. I have seen the threads about his illness and all the issues with Tinker's pregnancy and the kits and everything you and your babies had to go through over the last few months.

All things considered, he is doing very well. Keep it up Wilbur, you cutie!
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