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cat won't eat medicine

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Purchased Zenequin twice for my cat. Since they added beef flavoring which my cat could not stand. I called the vet she said did they ask you what flavoring at the time. I said NO. So I had to pay full price for another round with checken flavoring which has not helped much. I wish I knew zenequin is stronger than baytril. Anyhow what can I mix it with to get him to eat it? Any ideas. I heard tuna juice?
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If this is a tablet, this might help.

My rescue torti Kasey is given 1/2 a Dr. Maggie's Joint Formula pill at breakfast and dinner time.

The pill gets wrapped in a very small bit of Velveeta cheese.

I will stress that this is the only "peole" food that any our cats get and it is a miniscule amount. However, the pill goes away like magic, she waits and reminds me in the moring and evening that it is pill time. She does just about everything but actually say........

I had to come up with something because this will be a lifetime thing. She takes these due to an injury to her left, rear leg at her previous location, one too many kicks, most likely She is impooving though.
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Do not give cats with bladder problems anything with fish.
It makes the problems worse.
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tuna juice worked. A little for 7 days no salt Hopefully would be okay. the medicine is already chicken flavored. But I had to do something since he finicky and smelt it no matter what I did?
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