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Touche the Toasted Cat

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I had to take Touche the Terror Cat to the vet this week. She had been
sniffling and sneezing for a few days which in and of itself is usually no cause
for alarm, but her appitite had not been as robust is it usually was and she
seemed a bit lethargic on Monday night.

Tuesday night when I got home, she was curled up in her bed and showed no
interest in food, not even deli turkey, which is her absolute favorite. By
Wednesday morning, she hadn't moved from her bed to eat or to use the
litter box. Having lost two of my other cats in the past six months, I decided
not to take any chances and took Touche to the vet that morning.

Now, usually when THE CAGE comes out of the closet, Touche runs for the
nearest dark, inaccessable corner of the house. However this time she was
so sick that she didn't even lift her head from the bed when she heard
me open THE CAGE and barely put up a fight when I picked her up to place
her inside. That's when I really got concerned.

Fortunately, the doctor was able to see Touche right away. The doctor
examined Touche, took her temperature ( ) and determined that
she had an upper respiratory infection but thankfully her lungs were clear.

A shot of antibiotics in the butt, some decongestant and $75.00 later, we
were out the door and headed back home. The doctor prescribed a half
tablet (2mg) of Chlor-Trimeton twice a day to help clear up the congestion in
Touche's URS.

When I got home that night, Touche seemed a bit better, but still not her
usually loud and boisterous self. I took a pill, cut it in half and managed to
administer it to my patient without too much drama.

About 10 minutes later, Touche was sitting on my bed when I noticed her
eyes had become fully dialated. She appeared groggy and disoriented. She
started meowing softly and began pawing at her shadow on the bed.

Then she put on some Grateful Dead bootleg tapes and asked me where I kept the Oreos.

She slept soundly that night (although I awoke several times to check on
her) and seemed to be fine the next morning.

I called the vet on Thursday morning and described Touche's reaction to the
medicine. We decided to reduce her dose to a quarter-tablet, wisely I think.

Three days later, Touche is back to her normal terrible self. The fight is
definitely back in this cat, she managed to scratch the hell out of me when I
tried to give her her pill this evening.

No good deed goes unpunished, I guess.
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whew - I am glad she is ok! Antibiotics take a couple of days to really show effect, so hang in the for a bit more... I hope she gets all better soon!
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I feel your pain I'm glad she is better. Hope your skin holds together until its over!
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Glad your baby is feeling better. I give my cats Claritin (half of a 10mg tab daily). My older cat only gets 1/4 tab daily. I mix it with wet food and they're none the wiser. I add about a teaspoon or so of water to the canned food and the tablet dissolves in it. Mix it in and they lap it up. You might want to try that rather than having your arm shredded.

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