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job opening

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OK, all of you hard-core Trekkies - your dream job has become available.

The county Social Services, in Portland OR is looking for a KLINGON INTERPRETER. Due to the fact, that they get mental health clients who refuse to speak anything but Klingon, they have to provide interpreters, just as they do for about 50 other languages.

I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! It was in my morning paper, right off of the AP wire. Once again - your tax dollars, at work.:madalien: :martian:
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hey Deb25 this sounds right up your alley!
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oh my, can we say CRAZY.
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Since we're talking about the mentally ill, and not just your everyday Trekkie with too much time (though it is possible to be both things), how do they know that the patients are speaking the "real Klingon"... uh, so to speak? I mean, I could have a breakdown tomorrow and think that I'm Princess Masako, but I still can't actually speak Japanese...
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Unfortunately I am not fluent in Klingon.....And I could use a career change right about now too.

Well, at least Cindy got to use these 2 smilies: :madalien: :martian: before they are dumped.
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I allways wanted to learn a 2nd language!
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Do they need an Elvish one as well?
Im just practicing my Elvish so I can communicate with Legolas better!!!!
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Lola, that's a very good point. I saw that article in today's newspaper actually and thought it was pretty funny.

"Kapla!" LOL
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