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I mentioned the hay hauling up above, but I have to say I've had some bad jobs:

Cook at McDonalds (part time, going to school. I cooked 130 dozen eggs every morning!)

Maintenance at college. (Been knee-deep in a cesspool, for one thing.)

Ranch work. (Been knee-deep in manure. Dug calves out of the snow at -35 degrees.)

Delivering to Dollar General stores. Had to handle every box.

But I think every bad job teaches us something, if only what we don't want to do for the rest of our lives!
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My worst job ever: working the evisceration line at a chicken plant. It was grueling work. Every night I would go to sleep and hold my hands over the edge of the bed so they would go numb, since that way they didn't hurt as much. I still have damage to my hands/wrists and its been 10-15 years since I worked there.

Plus it was gross I still can't eat chicken on the bone
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Funny, this was my worst job too, but I didn't last long enough to get sore hands.! Two days and I was out of there
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Wow! Those were some really bad jobs! I guess I'm glad I wasn't alone?
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My worst job would have to be a housekeeper for a hotel. Because it was a physically tough job for the least amount of pay. You would not believe the disaster people would leave their rooms. Because of that job whenever I stay in hotels I always keep the room clean and leave a tip.
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Clixpix it is so funny you worked at a cannery, my job was the creamed corn line. I lasted one day, when I told my mom, she told me I was being a baby, once I told her what they had me doing, so dailed the number so I could tell them I wouldn't be coming back I never liked creamed corn to begin with, and I have never eaten it since.
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I worked in a tomato hydroponics green house. I would come home green from head to toe. It was hot miserable and nasty. I lasted 4 weeks!

I wokr in a call center now and I think it's one of the worst jobs I have had also. I hate saying the same thing over and over again all day long! The company is terrible to their employees and the customers can be very rude!

I almost got caught up in the detassling corn thing. I was going to do this at a different time of year where they made you walk through the corn fields picking test corn. Then in the summer they did the detassling thing. I started to think about what the job entailed and I quit the day they were going to start.
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Originally Posted by zorana_dragonky
I guess I just have bad memories of the way I was treated by customers, coworkers, and management. Plus that was a really crappy time in my life.

Without a doubt, working at Walmart was the worst job I ever had. Having to endure physical, verbal, emotional, & mental abuse from both management & customers alike has left a lasting impact on me. And at the time, I was also involved in an abusive relationship with a mentally ill ex b/f, which also left its scars. I still have nightmares from that time in my life.

But as awful as it was, I'd rather be working than not being able to work. Not working is the worst job I've ever had. I hate being home all the time.
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