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What's the worst job you've ever had?

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I've done a lot of jobs in my life. Some where better than others. The worst job I ever had was the two summers I worked at a canning factory. Imagine standing anywhere from 8-16 hours on a conveyor belt, watching green beans go by, and your job is to pick the debris out. Debris mostly consists of twigs, leaves, stones, etc. Sometimes debris was mice...either dead or alive, depending where your conveyor belt was located. I was put on night shift, so you didn't get to go home until the last truck of beans was done. Sometimes there was no last truck, and you met the day shift coming in. They got to leave after 8 hours. If there were beans coming in on a Sunday, you worked on Sunday. There were weeks at a time where I got no day off. For this job, I remember earning the princely sum of $3.60/hr.

What was your worst job?
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Door to door sales of cheap items like candles, chocolates, calendars..etc..I only did it for one night. I got $1 for each sale...so I made $13. It was TERRIBLE.
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I've never had one that bad! I'd not take seeing a dead mouse among food like that very well!

I guess my worst job was Diary Queen back when I was in high school. I don't like ice cream much. To this day the smell of ice cream and deep fryer grease makes me nauseous!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles View Post
I've never had one that bad! I'd not take seeing a dead mouse among food like that very well!

I guess my worst job was Diary Queen back when I was in high school. I don't like ice cream much. To this day the smell of ice cream and deep fryer grease makes me nauseous!
I hear ya...I'm not that fond of canned vegetables.
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Oooh... I don't know. I have had a lot of bad jobs, or jobs that were bad for specific reasons... I think my overall worst job was actually when I was a waitress at the Olive Garden. I don't have anything against the food there. Actually, I didn't see them preparing it badly and everything was pretty clean. I just had a horrible experience, and I was often stiffed or left $1.00 for tips on $60 bills. At first I thought I was a terrible waitress, but then I realized that most of the problems weren't my fault, just mismanagement and miscommunication. The managers at that restaurant were verbally abusive on a very high level, and went so far as to make up a large story and a lot of lies so that they could fire me. It's a long story, but it was horrible... Plus it was a hard job, the plates at the Olive Garden are about 3/8 an inch thick and the bottoms of the glasses are almost an inch thick. I was working two jobs at the time, and working my butt off every day. My arms got buff though...

I guess I just have bad memories of the way I was treated by customers, coworkers, and management. Plus that was a really crappy time in my life. I have lots of sympathy for waitstaff now, and I always tip well unless they are really really really really terrible...
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The worst place I ever worked at was a daycare. Now, I had worked at daycares before, but this one was awful and it wasn't the daycare itself, but the staff. The owners were not very friendly people and the staff were a bunch of tattle tales. My first week there, I was told by one of the staff to be careful what I say and do because there were stool pigeons ready to go run to the boss. I quit after two weeks and wrote the owner a letter and told him that his daycare wouldn't last because of the way he treated the staff and the tattle tales. It shut down about six months after I quit.
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^ My worst job was graveyard shift at a DOGGIE daycare. I had no idea what I was getting into when I applied. I thought I'd be sitting around, and reading all night while 6 or so nice, quiet dogs slept.
It was a 15 minute walk from my house, and it was only 2 nights a week, but it was godawful. Some nights you would luck out with 2 quiet, tired dogs, but other nights you'd get 20, and you're there all alone, playing with each one of them on one, coralling them to and from rooms, picking up, and mopping (often "unhealthy") poop (2-3 poops per dog, sometimes 70 poops a night!!). Spraying and hosing things down with bleachy smelling cleaning solutions, setting up 20 50lb metal kennels in a row, preparing each dog's food as specified by the owner (some of them got pretty ridiculous about it, and it literally took an hour for ONE dog's food), vaccuming, sweeping, AND mopping the whole daycare, laundry and dishes EVERY night. Repeat 10 hours later. And then when you're so exhausted that you're about to lose your mind, the person who's supposed to be coming in to replace you is "stuck in traffic" for the EIGHTH time in a row, and they're going to be 2 hours late.
I think I was making 6.33 an hour. Didn't last long.
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Hmm, two jobs were equally the bad
One I ran a boom loader on a pulpwood truck in the blazing sun and biting mayflies usually dawn till dusk for $25 a day.

The other was detasseling (desexing) corn stalks.
You get on a flatbed trailer withabout 75 other people and get dragged by tractor down row after row of corn stalks and you pull the tassels from the soon to form ears.
Usually 6-7 hours a day for $2.25/hr.
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being the wife of my ex-husband tops any job I ever had
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
being the wife of my ex-husband tops any job I ever had

I think the worst job I have ever had was working at a cyber caffee. I got paied under the table so it was only $5 an hour. It was awfull I was the only girl in there EVER. I was pretty much a mother to anywhere from 15-20 kids (all boys) who played too many video games. To top it off my boss was a real jerk. He gave me a really hard time about my school secudal. My last class of the day ended at 10:50 on T/TH and he would scold me becasue I the store opened at 11. Mind you I would get there at 11:30 and he would be sitting at a computer playing a game.... why he couldnt open the store and work for 30min 2 days a week I don't know. He never worked a shift EVER. I asked for my 21st Birthday off and he threw a fit becasue his other 2 workers couldn't work that day either(my b-day is Dec 26). He finally gave it to me and rather then working the store was closed that day. I was also the only female in there EVER. So I would get stared at or hit on all the time. My boss would even hit on me!! I stuck it out for a few months, but my boss finally just pushed me over the edge.
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My summer jobs when I was in high school many many years ago, Packing white fish in boxes. they ran up from the boats on conveyor belts. The heads got chopped off and tails and we grabbed them off the belts and packed them in 10 pound boxes. It was wet , smelly and a lot of fish guts!..And long hours standing on my feet. I often worked 12 hour shifts..And I think it was for $1.60 a hour.
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I've had alot of jobs in my time, and nothing really stands out except my second job.


The manager was an a$$ who expected me to listen to the drive-thru speaker AND the walk-up orders at the exact same time and get the order right. They eventually suspended me and I never went back.

The other one was when I worked construction. I didn't do the construction, I cleaned up. That lasted about a month.
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Back in the early 70's I tried telemarketing magazines (I still remember the script!). It was awful and I lasted three days.

During high school I worked part time in a nursing home for a while. That was really depressing. There were many residents whose family never came to see them.
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Back in the late 60's our neighbors owned a large pick your own strawberry farm.
After the young plants were put in the ground, right when school ended in June we (my sis and I and any neighborhood kids) would use a scissor (and I was left handed) to cut the blossoms and young berries off these plants so they would grow larger. We got paid by the row-either 25 or 35 cents a row and the long rows could take 2 hours!!
We tried to recruit as many kids as possible to help after doing this for a year or two.
This "Job" could take the first couple weeks in June-it sucked royally. I think we were like 12 years old at the time when we started this.
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i took this job where you go to concerts and other events and ask people if they would like to put their name in a raffle to win a free car ( the company i worked for did put the names into a drawing for the car but then also used them as a calling list for their telemarketing firm) the pay wasnt bad, it was 6.50 per hour but you actually commision for every slip you got, and i cant remember how much you got but i know it came out to a decent amount. at first i thought o wow this is easy, and we all got to drive to diff places in company vehicles, then one day we had to do the racetrack in the blazing sun, thats when i remembered how sensitive i am to the sun and how sick i get from being out in it for long periods of time. we would all go as a group somewhere to have lunch, so that was my only ride back to where my car was, so at lunchtime i had them take me to my car and said i would meet them after lunch and never went back
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The worst one was cutting, baling, and hauling hay the summer I turned 16. I got 1 cent per bale for cutting, one cent for raking, and two cents per bale for stacking it on the truck, hauling it to the barn, and stacking it there. It wasn't bad pay for the time (1968), but it was central Arkansas in the summer, with chiggers, snakes, dust, and 100 degree heat.

After a summer of that, nothing was ever too bad again. And I guess that was the good thing about that job.
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I've been lucky so far. My worst job is the one I'm in right now, and its simply because of the person I work for, who has far less experience than I do and undermines all of the work I do by going off and doing my work for me without bothering to tell me about it. I spend half of my days fixing the things she breaks for me. I had a job interview on Friday with another group in my company and will probably take it just to escape. I know, bad move (never run away from a job), but my options are limited right now.
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I think my worse was at a sub shop when I was in high school.

They always keep the shop open until 2 A.M. Friday and Saturday nights to catch all the people coming from the bars. I always got stuck working the Saturday shift and hated it because there is nothing more annoying then dealing with drunk people.
I also did a summer as kitchen help at on of the local youth camps. You sure built up character doing that, the kids that attended the camps could be pretty brutal.
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By far, Long John Silvers was the worst job I've ever had. Started out fine, just like a normal job, but when it was bought out by the current owner, it went to heck in a hand basket. It was terrible and I dreaded going to work everyday after that...I'd come home crying or calling dh crying telling him how horrible it was, I worked 150 hours in two weeks when we opened the cobranded ljs-kfc and noone even said thank you for your hard work, just said that's your job...
I hate that place.......
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I worked as a housekeeper at the local Holiday Inn for 4 days. It wasn't a job, per se, but more like community service because I had gotten into trouble while I was in high school. Since I was the newbie, I got stuck picking up all the beer cans lying around, emptying the trash, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. On top of being pretty disgusting, it was just simply brutal physically. I was 15 at the time and ran cross-country, but I remember being totally exhausted when I got home every night.
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I always said I was lucky to have the jobs I had/have, but now, reading the other posts, I KNOW I am! My problems are not with the place itself, though I do find cataloguing rather boring (doing it for almost 8 years now--it was a "promotion"), but the people--but you have that everywhere. Also, the fact that nobody else likes the particular person I have in mind helps a bit. At least I'm in a warm, clean, safe environment, though one year, it was sometimes 50F inside our department for 7 months, until they decided to fix the HVAC system. We had to wear coats, hats, gloves, etc. to survive (try typing all day when your fingers are frozen!). I kept getting sick, too; made worse by the fact that my desk was by a wall of huge glass windows, and it was colder there (we hung a few blankets up, and covered some windows with bubble-wrap). We had 2 small space heater, but could only plug one in at a time, as more blew the circuits on that side of the room. We took turns sharing one, among 5 people). I broke the dress code, and wore sweatpants, and a hoodie. A co-worker jokingly remarked that I looked like a homeless person (I did), so I took my coffee mug, placed it on the front of my desk, along with a sign, "Will work for heat". The management was NOT amused (yet not once in 4 months, despite our complaints, did they come in to see how cold it was--until I lost it one day with my boss--and he went to the management. Someone was there within
15 minutes--"Boy, it IS cold in here!").
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I worked in a donut shop for two days and hated it enough to quit.
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I worked in the kitchen at Boston Pizza. That was by far the worst job I have ever had. They used to yell at me for everything. I had to work alone at my station (where all the others got 2 people) and I made all the steaks, desserts, nachos, salads and some appetizers (like the spinach dip). They used to tell me that I was too slow. I would move as fast as I could but that was just too much work for one person.

The way the scheduling was done sucked. If I was scheduled until 8pm, I would be done around 10 or 11pm and I was in college at the time so it was really hard. If you weren't scheduled until a specific time, then you got a number and that was the order you got to go home in. Sometimes I would be done like an hour after I started and other times I would be there until midnight. They made me do split shifts a lot too and would get mad if I said I had homework to do and couldn't come in on my days off or come back and do the evening shift when I worked the morning.

I finally gave in one day and quit (after 3 months) because they wanted me to work a 2 hour shift on Christmas Eve. Their policy was you have to work either Christmas Eve or Boxing Day and I chose Boxing Day because I was going to be 4 hours away visiting family for Christmas. They wanted me to work from 2-4pm on Christmas Eve as well as a full day on Boxing Day and when I asked about it they said "well we are running a business and someone has to work." I was so upset that they wouldn't schedule someone else to do that 2 hour shift, especially someone whos family didn't live 4 hours away. I had just moved out of my parents house and I was only 18 and I wanted to go home for Christmas. I ended up quitting the next day and spending a week with my parents.
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My worst job was working a grocery store. My boss came once a week just to scream at us. Being that I am a bawl baby. It didn't work very well.
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My worst job was working at a sandwich shop - my boss wasn't very nice or fair!
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Oh my gosh, I remember working at a McDonalds that had a strip bar on one side and a porn theater on the other side! You can just imagine the kind of customers we got there! Friday and Sat nights were the worst!
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My worst job was working at a maid service, I hate to clean so I have no idea why I thought that would be a good job for me Since I was the "newbie" I usually got stuck cleaning the bathrooms I remember one place was so bad I had to vacuum the counters before I could even clean them I laso would work for about 8 hours a day, but only got paid for the time actually cleaning houses, all the time driving to and from houses wasn't paid, and that time could add up!

My second worse job was at a restaurant. I had quit/gotten fired from my other restaurant job, ironically the same one I work at now on the weekends (they took me back ) I was a server at the time and we had to tip out the bar, even if we didn't get any drinks, and the bus people, even if they didn't bus any of our tables Also, the cooks were very, very mean, all the servers were female and the cooks were guys and they would be so demeaning. The funny thing was I could probably have cooked circles around them I don't think I've served since, I went back to my original restaurant as a cook only and let me tell you, I was a lot nicer to the servers
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My worst ever was driving a city bus. The people that ride the bus could be so gross, some of them smelled like they never showered and some smelled like a distillery...bleh. Strapping down wheelchairs was always so pleasant too, some of the people in the chairs were so nasty. One of them always made sure to touch my boobs as I strapped him down. Then there was the drama of the drivers....gads! There was one driver that was so mean that no one liked her and she cussed in the breakroom bad enough to make a sailor blush. Always had to be nice, no tips and only made a quarter above minmum wage....bleh!
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You gotta hate working in retail...especially when dealing with the public at rush hour in 40 degrees celcius! Oh! And scrubbing urinals at 10:30 at night didn't go down too well!
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Working at Burger King was the worst. Probably because I suck at math and had to bring a calculator plus the assistant manager yelled at me for having pet hair on my clothes and the worst part was dating a co-worker, he was a jerk and spread lies about me so I quit! This was when I was about 16 - I only wanted a job for the summer but ended up working quite a few months there.

the only good thing about it was you would get 50 % off on your meals and your family got 10 % off on theirs. I think I tried about everything on the menu, except their breakfast stuff - I would have those french toast sticks, orange juice, and hashbrowns but nothing else. I had the fish sandwich and I hate them. luckily I was skinny then. also, I cannot stand eating there, their food is so lukewarm. not to toot my own horn but it was all fresh when I worked there. We only go there when we're want for greasy food and want cheap whopper jrs. and fries. plus I order the food like something special so it's hot or with extra something.

also when I worked there, I loved the hershey sundae pies but not anymore.
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