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I have a yogurt fiend!

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I am no longer allowed to eat a container of yogurt without having to fight a certain little fuzzball for it.

Baby Bonnie has discovered her new favorite people food. Yogurt. Any flavor that I am eating, it doesn't seem to matter. None of the others have done more than sniff it and walk away, but Baby Bonnie goes to TOWN on it.

She's definitely quite the character. I think it was she that rescued me, not the other way around.

Excuse me, but she's trying to stick her head in the container again...
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don't blame her a bit yogurt is very good
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Eli's the same way about yogurt. I have to eat it standing up and away from anything he can get up on to reach me. I do let him have the last, small spoonfull.
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I've got another furball that's a fan of yogurt. Whenever I'm eating yogurt Ricky Bobby dances all around me, and serenades me he gets so vocal when it comes to yogurt! lol
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Harley looooves yogurt. I discovered this last week when my son was sitting on the floor with a bowl of it, and she wound up sticking her head in to taste it. Being 4, he thought a cat, with yogurt all over her face, was quite a hysterical sight.

Now Harley sits in front of my chair and cries so pitifully if I'm eating yogurt, especially if it's vanilla.
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sabastian has been a yogurt lover as long as i can remember, and i thought it was strange until i came to this site and found out that actually alot of cats like it, i turned nipper into a yogurt fan too....little princess is still content with her kitten food.
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OMG ahahahaha thats like oreo and salmon(Don't ask).
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My Gus loves to eat yogurt
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