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Kitty outings?

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So for I while I've been thinking that it would be nice to get Panther into the habit of traveling with me. This spring I plan on training her to use a harness and leash. Sometimes me and my boyfriend go and visit our parents for a few days and I was wondering if I should start bringing Panther with us. I figured it may be a good idea so that she wont be so sensitive to changes in environment as I know some cats are. I brought her to my parents house for a trial visit the other day and it went very well and I was quite impressed with the way she handled herself. My parents have two dogs so I was a little worried that she would be too freaked out. But she pretty much kicked the dogs butts when they got to close and took over the house so she could explore. She seemed pretty calm and interested in exploring everything. So I am wondering what people's opinions are on this matter. Do you take your cats with you often? And do you think it is a positive or or negitive thing?
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My cats visit both my parent houses, they enjoy exporing new places. If they were stressed I wouldn't do it.
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I think it depends on the cat, although I would reckon that if you start early you could get any kitten used to travelling. I have two cats, got both at 7, they were both terrible in the car when I got them. Cello my siamese was quickly harnessed trained and is getting very comfortable with the car. He goes with me to the petstore and to visit friends. He also just got approved as a therapy cat so will be visiting health centers. Kismet barfs about 2 minutes into any car ride and melts into the floor when I put the harness on her..... unfortunately she will be on car rides only to the vet. But it def. can't hurt, the more you do with the cat the more confident, comfortable and socialized it will become!

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