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Treatment for conjuntivitis?

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Balki, my 12 wk old kitten, I believe has a URI again, yuck! He just finished antibiotics about 2 wks ago or so. He is sneezing and has one very watery reddish eye. I will call the vet tommorrow, but probably can't bring him to the vet until Tuesday when my husband is off.(I myself am too sick to leave the house right now w/ pneumonia)

So can I use a warm or cold compress to try to relieve the discomfort in his eye? I'm not sure which to use.
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Bring the kitten into the bathroom and fill it with steam. With a warm wet washcloth carefully wite the eye to remove the discharge. You can do this twice a day or as needed. Sending get well vibes to BOTH of you!

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Ok, I'll try that, thanks for the good wishes.

Luckily, he doesn't appear as bad as the first time around, at least not yet anyway. I would have thought the first round of treatment would have kicked it, oh well, here we go again!My poor baby! Here I am sick as a dog myself, and right now, I'm more worried about my kitten then myself!
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This is actually common for kittens especially after a cold or URI. The kitten will need a round of medication from the vet and a topical eye ointment before it will get better. The steam and the sound of the running water may freak it out, so you want to be sure that you clip the claws before taking it into the bathroom and trying it. You better bet is to run the hot water fill the bathroom with steam and then turn the water off and go fetch the cat. Whatever you do, do not pry open the eyelid, just wipe it down with a warm compress, or set the compress on eyelid and hope the warm water helps to relieve the swelling and pressure.
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Thanks for the advice. I just got back from the "steam" session. This is also of benefit to myself, as I said, I'm sick as well, maybe Balki is feeling sympathy pains lol!

I turned the tub on all the way hot and let it run until the whole room was fogged up. I also ran a fresh terry towel under the hot water for him. I let the towel cool enough so as not to burn him, then turned off the water and got Balki. He was very well behaved. First I just sat with him on my lap for 1 minute. Then, I put the warm terry towel over his head for 1 minute, he was ok for the minute, then struggled. Then I folded the towel up and just held it to his "boo-boo" eye for another minute, again he was ok. But, that was all he would tolerate, then he wanted out, so I didn't force him to stay. He seems better for now, has a huge appetite, eye is open with no present discharge, and he is currently in the bathroom jumping at the shower curtain!

So you think he will need more antibiotics even though he just finished a full round? I worry about building resistance and all. I understand the eye ointment, if there is no improvement in his eye by tommorrow, I'll certainly start him on it with the vet's approval. I'll use antibiotics as well if needed, I would just want to make sure he is truely sick before making him go through that again.
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I have been going through a bout with a URI with my kitten, and he had to go with a couple of rounds of antibiotic, so he may need another round of it, or a change of antibiotics. My vet did a culture of his nasal mucous and turns out he needed another kind of antibiotic to treat it.
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My vet suggests buying a small humidifier and putting it into a small bathroom with the kitty for about and hour twice a day. He said this will be less stressful than a running shower.

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