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Update - "Is my cat in trouble"?

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Well Scratchy did have another baby inside. She started contractions last night, 24 hrs after the first three. She was obviously having difficulties. The kitten was upside down and mum could only push one arm out. After 45 mins I phoned my vet (about 2.30 in morn) and he told me "see if you can help ease it out. If not, well, it'll be well and truly dead by now so ring me in the morning and we'll do a cessarian". So I phoned around other emergency numbers and no one would see her without full payment. I had couple hundred to put down, but that didn't matter. So, my husband sat with her all night massaging her and our little trooper pushed her out around 6.30 This morn. Baby had disslocated shoulder on the arm that was pushed out and other deformaties from it's ordeal. It would've been fine if my lazy vet would come in from his long weekend brake to check mum when I first asked. Unfortunately, vets are killing more animals than they save around here because they either don't care or will only cater to the wealthy. I phoned one of the other vets I spoke to last night who would help as much as she could over the phone and even though I can pay for the consult and medication if needed, she has advised that Scratchy will be fine with lots of rest now and TLC. Best not to stress her anymore after all she's been through. Thanks to all who gave me advice and please keep an eye out for pics of Scratchy and her gorgeous kittens.
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Thats like what happened to Coco.
Only there was another dead kiten behind the deformed one.
That is terrible of the vets to not help over money.
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That's so sad the vet wouldn't take her in for a c-section.

That is why it is important that your vet/emergency vet knows that your cat is due to have kittens in case anything happens.

So is the Kitten alive? [BTW, I haven't read your first thread]
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My vet knows I'm a good payer, unfortunately he's been getting really slack lately, and I also have a good history at the other vet I've used but other people haven't paid and ruined it for everyone now. Mum Scratchy definetly has no more, thankfully. The last kitten was alive yesterday, i believe I still felt it move last night but Scratchy was also having trouble pooing so no one here believed me. (except my husband, who isn't a vet) Unforfunatly the ordeal through birth killed it. I like to believe it didn't suffer..... much. The first three are doing really well. None look like mum. She's thrown some tabby markings but 2 are different shades of grey and the runt is black and white with a little bit of brown on it's face. The one that died was coloured like mum but had unusually prominent stripes like a tiger. It would've been beautiful.
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I hope the rest will be ok.
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