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Nefertiti the cuddle monster

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On Monday last week, (wow can't believe we've been together a week)! I took on a kitten only I have noticed it was not a kitten I rehomed but a small fury creature known as a cuddle monster . Every time I go to pick her up she starts needing me with her very sharp baby claws and rubbing around me purrrring loudly! She doesn't stop she just can't seem to get enough! I guess she is making up for all the love she hasn't had so far. I just have to touch her and it sets her off again purring and rubbing around me. I feel so loved!! . Right now she is needing my lap and purrrring. She just nuzzled me with her head so hard she fell over lol. oh how much I love her! Nefertiti my little cuddle monster!!
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Oh and shes a tiny 5 weeks old the vet thinks. Though my friend thought she was 8 ooch and hasnt she got sharp claws !!
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Yes, at that age, their claws are little needles.

It's amazing how much love can be in such a tiny body.
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Awwww!!! You should start trimming her nails now - once a week or so at that age b/c they grow quickly... and get her used to it. Since she seems to like attention - it would be nice for her. Then there wouldn't be sooo many oochies with the kneading and purring.

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You know that is a really good idea about the claws. My mum often says how she wished she'd got Rikki our (well more hers)! chihuahua used to his claws getting trimmed as a pup as he makes an awful fuss now as an adult! I think I will start doing that -looks for the nail clippers-
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my little Princess is turning into a cuddler, and both sabastian and nipper are cuddlers as well, its amazing how much love cats can give to us
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you've finally discovered the reason why all cat lovers need a cat because there so lovable
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