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Happy Mother's Day Kitty Moms!!

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Happy Mother's Day to all who care for feline babies!!

My husband gathered these flowers from our field today as a gift for Mother's Day. He was careful not to disturb the roots so they will be back again next year. I think they are as pretty as any flower shop bouquet and wanted to share them with all of you!! They are wild flowers and include big Daisies, Honeysuckle, Mustard, Pink Clover, Flox, Wild Irises, Sorrel, and Sage. Not all beautiful things have to come with big price tags...just like kitty motherhood.

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Thank You I'm having a great day!
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Thanks! My kitties gave me lots of loving today...so that made me feel really good since I don't have any human children of my own.

Love the flowers...How sweet is that?!
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Awww, thanks for remembering us kitty moms! And thanks for sharing your flowers with us too. They are truly special! Happy Mom's Day everybody! :flower:
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What a sweet guy! and what beautiful flowers!
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Mother's day is always difficult for me. The Salvation Army found my mum for me but she told them she doesn't want anything to do with me. I haven't seen her since I was 5. So my housemate ordered a big basket of lovely smelly things for me from all the baby kittens and my four cats, to their kitty-mummy. I was so overwhelmed! There's incense, soap, essential oils, an oil burner, pot-porrouri (sp), bath crystals and a bath bomb. I felt very lucky!
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I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.
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