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I have two kittens, one anout 10 weeks old the other 6 weeks, seven tops. Bankai is the oldest and we had her about a month before we got my baby, Yuuki. Yuuki and Bankai dont get along, at all. Bankai chases, pounces, hisses and growls at Yuuki. Yuuki does most of the growling. I seperate them, and know it will get better with time, BUT, I have a black lab female named Jynx. she is 1 1/2 years old. According to bankai, jynx is her dog, cuddles with her and gets all the loving. Jynx loves cats, and really loves the new kitten, but unfortunately, Yuuki hates her. She hisses, scratches and pounces on poor Jynx. If jynx is laying on the floor yuuki will venture over curious but usually ends up attacking jynx's face. My poor dog! I think i am in a little bit over my head with these three!
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It may take as much as 3 months for everyone to adjust. However, with kittens, it may take place much faster.
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