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What is your Natilnality, and where do you live today?

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Hello -
Let's get to know each other's background, shall we?
I am from Brasil, borne in Fortaleza, and raised in Brasilia.
I came to the US to learn English and to have some fun after my first university (Chemistry). That was 1996... I was supposed to stay here about 6 months, but... I renewed my visa as a tourist a couple of times, and liked so much that decided to go to University here (graphic design, computer graphics). I got married, divorced, got a career in sales, and here I am 13 years later! A first generation of Brasilian American in my family. I am now an American Citizen, and go to Brasil to visit my family 1x year...
I have no family at all in here, and I miss them dearly, especially my twin sister and my grandmother (she is 96!!).
Me and Grandma on her 95th Birthday last year

My Twin Sister (in Green) and I The little boy in the left is my nephew... I Miss them!!!!!
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Depending on which line of my family, I'm either a fourth generation Swiss-American, or .... well... the other lines go really far back. I had ancestors come over on the Mayflower, and everyone else come over somewhere in between the Mayflower and 1900. My paternal great-grandparents came over from Switzerland around 1900 or so (I think a little earlier, but I don't have the records in front of me to check). I am 1/4 Swiss, 3/4 Human Moggie/Mutt. Just about all of it European. Some royalty, some Mormon blood (even regal in its way, as its Brigham Young's brother), but am not Mormon. For the Euro parts: Danish, English, Scottish (to short the list: think most everything in the British Isles, and you have it), Swiss, even some Viking blood somewhere in there... but that goes way back. My mother did a lot of geneological research on our family... but I'm just American. Born and bred.

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My great grand parents came here from Ireland (my paternal grandfather's parents) and I think my paternal grandmother is German?? Not exactly sure, but I do know I'm mostly Irish. We aren't the typical red haired Irish, though. Everyone in my dad's family has dark brown/black hair.

I have NO clue what the lineage on my mother's side is.
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I'm Canadian, and live in Manitoba, Canada.

My ancestory is something else! English, French, Ukrainian and Cree.
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Well, I have both South African and British citizenship - living in the UK.

As for my background - I am English / French Canadian / Latvian / Danish / Indian / Scottish - quite a mix
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I'm Bulgarian, raised in the US...I live in Georgia now and go to Georgia tech. I'm in my 2nd year.
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I am a Sixth generation Canadian and both sides of my family come from Scottish descent.
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Mutt - background is mainly English or Scottish and German. Hubby is German, and mainly Scandinavian and Irish.

We live in the USA (born and raised).
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This is an interesting question. I'm an American (from the U.S., not from S. America or other countries in N. America), living in the United States. But like most Americans, my family came from some other place some time ago. Both my mom's and my dad's respective families are from Mexico- my dad's family has been here for generations, but my mom is the first generation here. So my cultural customs- speaking Spanish, tamales and champurrado at Christmas, being raised Catholic (which I no longer practice, but I've kept my saints and rosaries) are Mexican.
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I'm a New Zealander of European descent (mainly British/Dutch) and I live in Wellington, New Zealand. I've lived in this region my whole life.

I'm also proud to say Queen Elizabeth is my Queen!
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Myself and my parents are second generation Australian, we still live here. My mums parents are English (Brummies), there is Scottish on my grandfathers side. My fathers parents are from Budapest (Hungary), there is Turkish and i think German on that side. but as they say you get some 80% or whatnot of dna contribution from your mother, i'm more English than Hungarian I don't ever want us to become a republic country, i'm perfectly happy attached to the commonwealth FOREVER!
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Born and raised in North America--born in Pennsylvania to be more exact and live in Ohio.

My dads side of the family is Irish, Scottish and German and my moms side of the family is German/Saxon.

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Filipino with diverse ancestry (chinese, spanish and american - the 3 major colonizers of the country )
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Hoosier American ( Indiana native ) of Scots, Irish, English, French, German, Italian, and possibly Native American (family lore yet to be proved).
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Here's a photo of me - my Mum's skin is much more olive than mine. However both my great-grandparents both have very white skin. *shrugs*

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I was made in England and i'm still here

My ancestors started from Norway, then took root in Scotland and Ireland before some of them came to the UK
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My maternal great grandparents emigrated from near Budapest, Hungary. My father's heritage is Scottish and Irish, but I know very little about that family lineage. I was born, raised and still live in Michigan.
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born in PA but my dads italian, and my mom comes from german and lithuanian decent.
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I was born in the United States and my ancestors are Irish, English and German on my Mom's side and German and English on my Dad's
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born and raised in germany. my great-grandfather on my mom's side was french. now i live in riverside, ca
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I am Italian, American, My Grandfather on my Dad's side came to NY from Italy when he was 18. He took me back to Italy when I was 18 Not sure about my Mothers Dad, but he was Italian, I think he was born in America though. I never met him. I was born and raised in Upstate NY, but now live in KY.
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I'm American, my parents were born in the U.S. and I think their parents were as well... My dad's ancestors are from (west) Germany and my mom's are Italian from Sicily and Naples.
I am a 2nd-generation Chicagoan, I was born in Chicago and so were my parents. I've never lived anywhere else.
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I have American and German Citizenship. I actually have to go to Houston this year to renew my German one. My mom's side is completely German. My dad's side probably has English and a few other cultures mixed in.
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Australian, living in the state of South Australia.

A family member traced our family tree years ago to German and Welsh on my mothers side, I think my fathers side is German too.
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Hoosier American (I liked that description!) born in Indiana in the US, and still live there.

My great grandparents (on my dad's side, my grandma's parents) and their whole families were immigrants from Ireland. The other side of my dad's family (my grandpa and his siblings and parents) are descended from the French who immigrated to Quebec. My dad is from northern Vermont, 1/2 mile from the Canadian border and I have relatives in Quebec. Many of the French settlers in our family history intermarried with the native Americans, so I have a lot of that, too.

On my mom's side, we can trace my grandpa back to Belgium and France (the Flanders area), but we can't trace my grandma back very far. There were a few Germans, other than that, I dunno!
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Originally Posted by Pookie-poo View Post
My maternal great grandparents emigrated from near Budapest, Hungary. My father's heritage is Scottish and Irish, but I know very little about that family lineage. I was born, raised and still live in Michigan.
Squee! My paternal grandparents are from Budapest Just wanted to chime in lol
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nationality is U.S. born in Texas, raised [mostly] in Texas, still live in Texas.
background is English on mom's side, Scotch-Irish on dad's.
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Both of my great grandparents, on my mom's mom's side, were from Germany. My great grandpa came to America when he was four years old. I don't know to much about my great grandma except that she was German and I am named after her. She was Minnie Barbra and I am Melanie Barbra. Her dad's parents, his mom was Native American and his dad was Irish. We don't know a lot about them.
Both of my great grandparents on my dads dad's side are from Holland, they were orphans so I don't know to much about their history. His mom's parents were of French and Dutch decent. His family didn't keep very good track of heritage, so we don't have a lot of history on them.

My mom was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM and my dad was born in Chicago, IL and moved to Arizona when he was nine. He met my mom when he was 26 at a Christian camp...they were married less than a year after they met and had me exactly two years to the day that they met. I thought that was so cool!

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM and now live in Bosque Farms.
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Plain ol' American here Lots of Irish - we never knew how Irish we were until I did a few years of research. Now we know where all the mysterious red hair came from

Also German (Zells Brother's Family Circus) and Scottish and English. Also have some tall tails of Native American ancestry but nothing proven. Have heard lots of people claim to have a Cherokee princess great grandmother

I've never been outside the continental US. Someday!
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Im just difficult..

Created in England from a scottish mother and italian father, have UK and Italian citizenship, hold an italian passport. Currently living in Australia awaiting permanent residency.
Having lived in Germany and Italy, I wouldnt classify my self as either of them, but i would like to teach my children about it
hubby is the 3rd + generation of Australian, his mother side has aboriginal traces
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