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Virtual cat

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Cool black CAT with green eyes! Go to this site to see something awesome! I have no clue how they got this to work. If you tease her with the mouse pointer on her chest or stomach she will purr, and I got her to meow also, by rubbing her forehead with the pointer. If you make a slow circle around her body, not only will her head/eyes follow your pointer, but toward the top, her paw will go up, and when in front of her paws at the bottom, her foot comes out like she wants to play with your mouse pointer. I love her tail movement. Enjoy!
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Very cool! She's so cute!
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cute! I got it to purr and meow!
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She moved her tail for me
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I have seen this before and it is still cute as ever!!!!
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Thats cute, I sent it on to my daughter.
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Yep! That's so cute! I've seen it before, but I just showed it to my fiance, and he liked it, too!
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Thanks for the link. I should be in bed but I'm sitting here playing with the virtual cat while one of my real time kitties watches with interest.
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That was so cute!
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she is so sweet!!!
I think I will just keep the link, and make her purr form time to time... that really calms me down...
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Don't forget to rub her ears and play with her tag! You can also put her on your desktop! The instructions are here
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