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A cat is my familiar?

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I was walking through the cell block a while back and an inmate told me that a cat is my "familiar". I explained that I like cats. He said the animal you like is not necessarily your familiar. Could somebody please explain what he is talking about? I would appreciate it.
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I don't really know that much about it, as it's not something I really believe in (ghost yes, familiars is too far for me - as strange as that sounds). I do however suggest you read up on it, while not exactly the same Native American beliefs concerning totem animals may be a good place for you to start.
It ties in more with guardian spirits and ties to supernatural/guides than it would some little ghost kitty following you around.
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From what I know, in less educated times (medieval, witch hunt times) cats were witch's familiars, meaning their animal connection to the "evil" that witches did. Many times the older cast-out woman who lived on the edge of town and had feline companions was thought to be the "witch" and blamed for anything bad that happened. If it was bad enough, she and her cats were killed. There were often times mass-killings of cats because they were thought to be a tie to the devil and evil since they were witch's familiars.

That's the only context that I know of calling cats "familiars". There could be others, though, depending on that person's beliefs.
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According to this the term seems to be defined as servant and companion (with spiritual implications).
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Thank you for your replies. The inmate who said this to me once told me he used to be involved in witchcraft, so I thought it might have something to do with that.
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I had a tarot reader once tell me that moo and i have been friends for a very LONG time. Apparently not only is he my familiar but we are old old friends. She mentioned that prehaps he was a friend from a past life....
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